WSCG 2004

Full papers are published in

Journal of WSCG

Vol.12, No. 1-3
ISSN 1213-6972
Publisher: UNION Agency - Science Press, Plzen, Czech Republic

Keynote talks:

Tuesday, February 3, 2004    
Tosiyasu L. Kunii: Cyber Graphics Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan    
Penny Rheingans: Expressive Volume Rendering University of Maryland Baltimore, USA Abstract 7
Thursday, February 5, 2004    
Carol O'Sullivan: Fidelity Metrics for Animation Trinity College Dublin, Ireland Abstract 1


Tuesday, February 3, 2004   Page
Barbier,A., Galin,E., Akkouche,S.: Complex Skeletal Implicit Surfaces with Levels of Detail (France) Abstract 35
Szijarto,G., Koloszar,J.: Real-time Hardware Accelerated Rendering of Forests at Human Scale (Hungary) Abstract 443
Lluch,J., Camahort,E., Vivo,R.: An Image-Based Multiresolution Model for Interactive Foliage Rendering (Spain) Abstract 507
Wahl,R., Massing,M., Degener,P., Guthe,M., Klein,R.: Scalable Compression and Rendering of Textured Terrain Data (Germany) Abstract 521
Bruni,V., Vitulano,D.: Old Movies Noise Reduction via Wavelets and Wiener Filters (Italy) Abstract 65
Bruni,V., Vitulano,D., Maniscalco,U.: Fast Segmentation and Modeling of Range Data Via Steerable Pyramid and Superquadrics (Italy) Abstract 73
Elnagahy,F.I.Y., Simak,B.: Embedded Rate Scalable Wavelet-Based Image Coding Algorithm with RPSWS (Czech Republic) Abstract 97
Akhriev,A., Bonch-Osmolovsky,A., Prusakov,A., Chelnokov,F., Agapov,P.: Objects and Occlusion from Motion Labeling (Russia) Abstract 529
Mokhtari,M., Lemieux,F., Bernier,F., Ouellet,D., Drouin,R., Laurendeau,D., Branzan-Albu,A.: Virtual Environment and Sensori-Motor Activities: Visualization (Canada) Abstract 293
Liu,Y., Chen,G., Max,N., Hoffsetz,C., McGuinness,P.: Visual Hull Rendering with Multi-view Stereo Refinement (USA) Abstract 261
Ihrke,I., Ahrenberg,L., Magnor,M.: External Camera Calibration for Synchronized Multi-video Systems (Germany) Abstract 537
Xian-jie,Q., Zhao-qi,W., Shi-hong,X.: A Novel Computer Vision Technique Used On Sport Video (China) Abstract 545
Bhakar,S., Luo,L., Mudur,S.P.: View Dependent Stochastic Sampling for Efficient Rendering of Point Sampled Surfaces (Canada) Abstract 49
Birkholz,H.: Shape-Preserving Parametrization of Genus 0 Surfaces (Germany) Abstract 57
Gillies,M., Ballin,D., Csasji,B.C.: Efficient Clothing Fitting from Data (UK, Hungary) Abstract 129
Hussain,M., Okada,Y., Niijima,K.: Efficient and Feature-Preserving Triangular Mesh Decimation (Japan) Abstract 167
Aszodi,B., Czuczor,S., Szirmay-Kalos,L.: NURBS Fairing by Knot Vector Optimization (Hungary) Abstract 19
Catalano,C.E., Giannini,F., Falcidieno,B.: Introducing Sweep Features in Modeling with Subdivision Surfaces (Italy) Abstract 81
Lewis,T., Jones,M.W.: A System for the Non-Linear Modelling of Deformable Procedural Shapes (UK) Abstract 253
Segura,R.J., Feito,F., Ruiz de Miras,J.: Non-evaluated Manipulation of Complex CSG Solids (Spain) Abstract 403


Wednesday, February 4, 2004   Page
Berner,U.: Optimized Face Animation with Morph-Targets (Germany) Abstract 43
Held,M., Weiser,W., Wilhelmstötter,F.: Fully Automatic Elastic Registration of MR Images with Statistical Feature Extraction (Austria) Abstract 153
Ferre,M., Puig,A., Tost,D.: Using a Classification Tree to Speed up Rendering of Hybrid Surface and Volumes Models (Spain) Abstract 105
Keim,D.A., Panse,C., Schneidewind,J., Sips,M.: Geo-Spatial Data Viewer: From Familiar Land-covering to Arbitrary Distorted Geo-Spatial Quadtree Maps (Germany) Abstract 213
Chen,Ch.-Y., Cheng,K.-Y., Liao,H.-Y.M.: Fairing of Polygon Meshes Via Bayesian Discriminant Analysis (Taiwan) Abstract 175
Izhakian,Z.: New Visualization of Surfaces in Parallel Coordinates - Eliminating Ambiguity and Some Over-Plotting (Israel) Abstract 183
Lavoue,G., Dupont,F., Baskurt,A.: Constant Curvature Region Decomposition of 3D-Mesh by a Mixed Approach Vertex-Triangle (France) Abstract 245
Noble,P., Tang,W., Parkinson,A., Wills,C.: Modelling and Animating 3D Cartoon Hair (UK) Abstract 317
Knapp,M., Kanitsar,A., Groeller,E.: Semi-Automatic Topology Independent Contour-Based 2 1/2 D Segmentation Using Live-Wire (Austria) Abstract 229
Nielsen,M.B., Brodersen,A.: Inverse Rendering of Polished Materials under Constant Complex Uncontrolled Illumination (Denmark) Abstract 309
Ropinski,T., Hinrichs,K.: Real-Time Rendering of 3D Magic Lenses having arbitrary convex Shapes (Germany)
Additional file(s): D03-1.avi
Abstract 379
Sahm,J., Soetebier,I.: A Client-Server-Scenegraph for the Visualization of Large and Dynamic 3D Scenes (Germany) Abstract 387
Arvo,J., Westerholm,J.: Hardware Accelerated Soft Shadows using Penumbra Quads (Finland) Abstract 11
Heidelberger,B., Teschner,M., Gross,M.: Detection of Collisions and Self-collisions Using Image-space Techniques (Switzerland) Abstract 145
Kirsch,F., Döllner,J.: Rendering Techniques for Hardware-Accelerated Image-Based CSG (Germany) Abstract 221
Loviscach,J.: Emulating an Offline Renderer by 3D Graphics Hardware (Germany) Abstract 269
Jones,M.W.: Distance Field Compression (UK) Abstract 199
Nagy,Z., Klein,R.: High-Quality Silhouette Illustration for Texture-Based Volume Rendering (Germany) Abstract 301
Reitinger,B., Zach,Ch., Bornik,A., Beichel,R.: User-Centric Transfer Function Specification in Augmented Reality (Austria) Abstract 355
Wang,Ch., Vergeest,J.S.M., Song,Y.: Frequency-based Operators for Freeform Feature Shape Reuse (Netherlands) Abstract 491
Garcia,I., Molla,R., Barella,T.: GDESK: Game Discrete Event Simulation Kernel (Spain) Abstract 121
Hauth,M., Strasser, W.: Corotational Simulation of Deformable Solids (Germany)
Additional file(s):
Abstract 137
Keckeisen,M., Kimmerle,S., Thomaszewski,B., Wacker,M.: Modelling Effects of Wind Fields in Cloth Animation (Germany)
Additional file(s): C73-1.avi
Abstract 205
Vergeest,J.S.M., Song,Y., Hartge,D.: Freeform Object Positioning by 3D Shape Matching Without Artificial Feature Points (Netherlands) Abstract 483


Thursday, February 5, 2004   Page
Crespin,R., Peroche,B.: Light Vectors for a Moving Observer (France) Abstract 89
Max,N., Schussman,G., Miyazaki,R., Iwasaki,K., Nishita,T.: Diffusion and Multiple Anisotropic Scattering for Global Illumination in Clouds (USA, Japan) Abstract 277
Szecsi,L., Szirmay-Kalos,L.: Efficient Approximate Visibility Testing Using Occluding Spheres (Hungary) Abstract 435
Szirmay-Kalos,L., Benedek,B., Sbert,M.: Metropolis Iteration for Global Illumination (Hungary) Abstract 451
Pintavirooj,C., Romputtal,A., Ngamlamiad,A., Withayachumnankul,W., Hamamoto,K.: Ultrasonic Refractive Index Tomography (Thailand) Abstract 333
Spinello,S., Guitton,P.: Contour Line Recognition From Scanned Topographic Maps (France) Abstract 419
Tiddeman,B.: Blending Textured Images Using a Non-parametric Multiscale MRF Method (UK)
Additional file(s):
Abstract 459
Yin,J., Cooperstock,J.: Color Correction Methods with Application to Digital Projection Environments (Canada) Abstract 499
Balazs,A., Guthe,M., Klein,R.: Efficient Trimmed NURBS Tessellation (Germany) Abstract 27
Jiménez,J.J., Segura,R.J., Feito,F.R.: Efficient Collision Detection between 2D Polygons (Spain) Abstract 191
Putjarupong,P., Pintavirooj,C., Withayachumnankul,W., Sangworasil,M.: Image Registration Exploiting Five-Point Coplanar Perspective Invariant and Maximum-Curvature Point (Thailand) Abstract 341
van Kaick,O.M., da Silva,M.V.G., Pedrini,H.: Efficient Generation of Triangle Strips from Triangulated Meshes (Brazil) Abstract 475
Galo,M., Tozzi,C.L.: Feature-point Based Matching: A Sequential Approach Based on Relaxation Labeling and Relative Orientation (Brazil) Abstract 113
Lamberti,F., Gamba,A., Montrucchio,B.: Computer-assisted Analysis of in-vitro Vasculogenesis and Angiogenesis Processes (Italy) Abstract 237
Misu,T., Gohshi,S., Izumi,Y., Fujita,Y., Naemura,M.: Robust Tracking of Athletes Using Multiple Features of Multiple Views (Japan) Abstract 285
Pang,Y.-H., Andrew,T.B.J., David,N.C.L., Hiew,F.S.: Palmprint Verification with Moments (Malaysia) Abstract 325
Sanchez-Nielsen,E., Antón-Canalis,L., Hernandez-Tejera,M.: Hand Gesture Recognition for Human-Machine Interaction (Spain) Abstract 395
Schwald,B., Seibert,H.: Registration Tasks for a Hybrid Tracking System for Medical Augmented Reality (Germany) Abstract 411
Hohnhauser,B., Hommel,G.: 3D Pose Estimation using Coupled Snakes (Germany) Abstract 161
Su,S.L., Wu,C., Xu,Y.-Q., Shum,H.-Y.: A Hybrid Approach to Rendering Handwritten Characters (USA, China) Abstract 427
Pan,Z., Dong,Z., Zhang,M.: A New Algorithm for Adding Color to Video or Animation Clips (China) Abstract 515
Ramos,J.F., Chover,M., Belmonte,O., Rebollo,C.: An Approach to Improve Strip-based Multiresolution Schemes (Spain) Abstract 349
Reuter,P., Schmitt,B., Schlick,C., Pasko,A.: Interactive Solid Texturing using Point-based Multiresolution Representations (France, Japan) Abstract 363
Robinson,A., Alboul,L., Rodrigues,M.: Methods for Indexing Stripes in Uncoded Structured Light Scanning Systems (UK) Abstract 371
Tobor,I., Reuter,P., Schlick,C.: Efficient Reconstruction of Large Scattered Geometric Datasets using the Partition of Unity and Radial Basis Functions (France) Abstract 467


SHORT Communication Papers proceedings
ISBN 80-903100-5-2
Publisher: UNION Agency - Science Press, Plzen, Czech Republic

Tuesday, February 3, 2004   Page
Benes,B., Guerrero,J.M.S.: Clustering in Virtual Plant Ecosystems (Mexico) Abstract 9
Benes,B., Roa,T.: Simulating Desert Scenery (Mexico) Abstract 17
Birra,F., dos Santos,M.: Stable Cloth Animation with Adaptive Level of Detail (Portugal) Abstract 31
Estrela,V., Rivera,L., Bassani,M..H.S.: Pel-Recursive Motion Estimation Using the Expectation-Maximization Technique and Spatial Adaptation (Brazil) Abstract 47
Franquesa-Niubó,M., Brunet,P.: Collision Prediction Using MKtrees (Spain) Abstract 63
Kozankiewicz,P.: Visualisation System Based on Image Warping and Delaunay Triangulation of the Space (Poland) Abstract 141
Cheutet,V., Pernot,J.P., Leon,J.C., Falcidieno,B., Giannini,F.: Inserting G1 Discontinuities into Free-form Features for Aesthetic Design (France) Abstract 109
Kong,V.P., Ong,B.H., Saw,K.H.: Range Restricted Interpolation Using Cubic Bezier Triangles (Malaysia) Abstract 125
Li,Q.: Blend Implicit Shapes using Smooth Unit Step Functions (UK) Abstract 297
Song,Y., Vergeest,J.S.M., Wang,C.: Automatic Fitting and Control of Complex Freeform Shapes in 3-D (Netherlands) Abstract 243
Diepstraten,J., Weiskopf,D., Kraus,M., Ertl,T.: Vragments and Raxels - Relocatability as an Extension to Programmable Rasterization Hardware (Germany) Abstract 181
Mallon,P.N., Boo,M., Amor,M., Bruguera,J.D.: Algorithms and Hardware for Data Compression in Point Rendering Applications (Spain) Abstract 173
Kukharev,G., Nowosielski,A.: Visitor Identification - Elaborating Real Time Face Recognition System (Poland) Abstract 157
Merad,D., Mallem,M., Lelandais,S.: Skeletonization of Two-Dimensional Regions Using Mixed Method (France) Abstract 189
Mokhtari,M., Bergevin,R.: Extraction of Volumetric Structures in an Illuminance Image (Canada) Abstract 197
Perko,R., Bischof,H.: Efficient Implementation of Higher Order Image Interpolation (Austria) Abstract 213
Taponecco,F.: User-defined Texture Synthesis (Germany) Abstract 251
Zimmermann,A.C., Encinas,L.S., Barreto,J. M., Gonçalves,A.A.: Non Conventional 3D Human Face Verification System (Brazil) Abstract 283
Wednesday, February 5, 2004    
Pearce,D., Day,A.M.: Partial Visibility for Virual Reality Applications (UK) Abstract 205
Fischer,J., del Rio,A.: A Fast Method for Applying Rigid Transformations to Volume Data (Germany) Abstract 55
Rueda,A.J., Segura,R.J., Feito,F., Ruiz de Miras,J., Ogáyar,C.: Voxelization of Solids Using Simplicial Coverings (Spain) Abstract 227
Aguilera,A., Perez-Aguila,R.: General n-Dimensional Rotations (Mexico) Abstract 1
Hast,A., Barrera,T., Bengtsson,E.: Fast Intensity Distribution Functions for Soft and Hard Edged Spotlights (Sweden) Abstract 95
Sánchez,H., Oyarzun,D., García-Alonso,A.: Evaluation of NURBS Surfaces: An Overview Based on Runtime Efficiency (Spain) Abstract 235
Bhatia, S.K.: Creating Large Isotropic Textures Using Image Quilting (USA) Abstract 23
Gonzato,J.-C., Pont,B.: A Phenomenological Representation of Iridescent Colors in Butterfly Wings (France) Abstract 79
Kadlec,P., Gayer,M., Slavik,P.: Data Visualization Using Hardware Accelerated Spline Interpolation (Czech Republic) Abstract 117
Kosara,R., Sahling,G.N., Hauser,H.: Linking Scientific and Information Visualization with Interactive 3D Scatterplots (Austria) Abstract 133
Weiskopf,D., Ertl,T.: GPU-Based 3D Texture Advection for the Visualization of Unsteady Flow Fields (Germany) Abstract 259
Kukharev,G., Masicz,P., Masicz,P.: A Fast and Accurate Faces Localization using Gradient Method (Poland) Abstract 149
Yin,J., Cooperstock,J.: Improving Depth Maps by Nonlinear Diffusion (Canada) Abstract 305
Hung,Ch.-I., Lee.P.L., Wu,Y.-T., Chen,H.-Y., Chen,L.-F.,Yeh,T.-Z., Hseih,J.Ch.: Recognition of Motor Imagery Electroencephalography Using Independent Component Analysis and Machine Classifiers (Taiwan) Abstract 101
Rivera,L., Estrela,V., Carvalho,P.C.P.: Oriented Bounding Boxes Using Multiresolution Contours for Fast Interference Detection of Arbitrary Geometric Objects (Brazil) Abstract 219
Wu,Y.T., Chen,H.Y., Hung,C.I., Kao,Y.H., Guo,W.Y., Yeh,T.Z., Hsieh,J.C.: Segmentation of Hemodynamics from Dynamic-Susceptibility-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Brain Images Using Sequential Independent Component Analysis (Taiwan) Abstract 267
Zach,C., Karner,K., Bischof,H.: Hierarchical Disparity Estimation with Programmable Graphics Hardware (Austria) Abstract 275
Malerczyk,C.: Interactive Museum Exhibit Using Pointing Gesture Recognition (Germany) Abstract 165
Guilbert,E., Saux,E., Daniel,M.: Combining Geometrical and Mechanical Displacements for Suppressing Intersections in Cartographic Generalization (France) Abstract 87
Fuchs,T., Haber,J., Seidel,H.-P.: MIMIC - A Language for Specifying Facial Animations (Germany) Abstract 71
Dudek,I., Blaise,J.Y., Durand,A., Bénistant,P.: Online 2D/3D Graphic Interfaces using XML "Repurposable" Heritage Contents (France) Abstract 39
Lin,T.-C., Shih,Z.-C., Tsai,Y.-T.: Cinematic Camera Control in 3D Computer Games (Taiwan)
Additional file(s): G31-1.mpg, G31-2.mpg
Abstract 289


WSCG POSTER proceedings
ISBN 80-903100-6-0
Publisher: UNION Agency - Science Press, Plzen, Czech Republic

Adamo-Villani, N., Chourasia,A.,Cory,C.: Production Interface for WEB-deliverable Realistic Interactive 3D Facial Animation (USA), Additional file(s): D02-1.jpg Abstract 1
Amati,G., Liverani,A., Caligiana,G.: Free Form Modelling by Curve Features Manipulation (Italy) Abstract 5
Ardizzone,E., Cannella,V., Peri,D., Pirrone,R.: Automatic Generation of User Interface unisng the Set Description Language (Italy) Abstract 209
Asim,M.R., Mutafa,G., Brodlie,K.W.: Constrained Visualization of 2D Positive Data using Modified Quadratic Shepard Method (Pakistan) Abstract 9
Bastos,L.F., Tavares,J.M.R.S.: Objects Matching Improvement Using Optimization Techniques in a Geometric Modal Methodology (Portugal) Abstract 13
Bauer,J., Karner,K., Klaus,A., Perko,R.: Robust Range Image Registration using a Common Plane (Austria) Abstract 17
Benölken,P., Graf,H., Stork,A.: Texture Based Flow Visualization in Augmented and Virtual Reality Environments (Germany) Abstract 21
Bernier,F., Boivin,E., Laurendeau,D., Mokhtari,M., Lemieux,F.: Conceptual Models for Describing Virtual Worlds (Canada) Abstract 25
Braun,N., Rieger,T., Dietz,M.: V-NaSty: Virtual Character Narrator with Story based Suspense Support (Germany) Abstract 29
Buades,J.M., Gonzalez,M., Perales,F.J.: Face and Hands Segmentation in Color Images and Initial Matching with a Biomechanical Model (Spain) Abstract 33
Cadik,M., Slavik,P.: Comparing Image Processing Operators by Means of the Visible Differences Predictor (Czech Republic) Abstract 37
de Dietrich,G., Braquelaire,A.: A Framework for Tubular Organs Segmentation (France) Abstract 41
del Rio,A., Amor,M., Boo,M., Pardo,J.M.: Visualization of Anatomical Structures Based on Implicit Surfaces and Displacement Mapping (Germany) Abstract 45
Farrugia,J.P, Albin,S., Péroche,B.: A Perceptual Adaptive Metric for Computer Graphics (France) Abstract 49
Hasanzadeh,R.P.R., Faez,K., Aslanzadeh,S.: Feature Extraction of Scale Pattern in Animal Textile Fibers (Iran) Abstract 53
Hernandez,B., Rudomin,I.: Styling by Painting and Real Time Animation of Hair using Basis-dependent Hair Strands (Mexico) Abstract 57
Hu,Y., Gao,L.., Ma,X., Pan,Z., Li,L.: A Public-key Asymmetric Robust Watermarking Algorithm Based on Signal with Special Correlation Characteristic (China) Abstract 61
Chunhong,C., Wenhui,L.: New Method for Geometric Constraint Solving Based on the Genetic Quantum Algorithm (China) Abstract 65
Jensen,N., Einhorn,R., von Voigt,G.: A Supply-Chain for Computer-Mediated Communication and Visualization (Germany) Abstract 69
Jin,Z., Shi,J.: A Geometry Data Independent Load Balancing Method For Graphics Parallel Rendering (China) Abstract 73
Kanan,H.R., Faez,K.: Wave Height Forecasting Using Cascade Correlation Neural Network (Iran) Abstract 77
Kovacs,L., Sziranyi,T.: Coding of Stroke-Based Animations (Hungary) Abstract 81
Krause,F.-L., Göbel,M., Tchebetchou,B.A.R., Wesche,G.: A Three-stage Conceptual Design Process Using Virtual Environments (Germany) Abstract 85
Krolupper,F.: Recognition of Occluded Objects Using Curvature (Czech Republic) Abstract 89
Laycock,R., Day,A.: Towards the Automatic Integration of Ground Level Images into a Virtual Urban Environment (UK) Abstract 93
Lian,D., Oraifige,I., Hall,F.R.: Real-time Finite Element Analysis with Virtual Hands: An Introduction (UK) Abstract 97
Miler,V., Hudec,B.: Creating Virtual Worlds Using Adapting XML (Czech Republic) Abstract 101
Mirzabaki,M.: Depth Detection Through Interpolation Functions: A New Method (Iran) Abstract 105
Mokhtari,M., Bernier,F., Lemieux,F., Martel,H., Schwartz,J.M., Laurendeau,D., Branzan-Albu,A.: Virtual Environment and Sensori-Motor Activities: Haptic, Auditory and Olfactory Devices (Canada) Abstract 109
Moriya,T., Beniyama,F., Matsumoto,K., Minakawa,T., Utsugi,K., Takeda,H.: Properties of Three Shadows on a Plane (Japan) Abstract 113
Oghabian,M.A., Mohammadi,F.I., Sarkar,S., Karimian,A.R.: Motion Correction of SPEC Projection before Reconstruction (Iran) Abstract 205
Ortega,L., Feito,F., Grima,C., Márquez,A.: Collision Detection Using Polar Diagrams (Spain) Abstract 117
Parulek,J., Sramek,M., Zahradnik,I.: Geometrical Modelling of Muscle Cells Based on Functional Representation of Polygons (Slovakia) Abstract 121
Pelikán, J., Kostlivý, J.: JaGrLib: Library for Computer Graphics Education (Czech Republic) Abstract 125
Pérez,C., Reinoso,O., Vicente,M.A.: Robot Hand Visual Tracking Using an Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Controller (Spain) Abstract 129
Porcu,M.B., Scateni,R.: Iterative Stripification of a Triangle Mesh: Focus on Data Structures (Italy) Abstract 133
Pribanic,T., Cifrek,M., Peharec,S.: 3D Shape Recovery with no Explicit Video Projector Calibration (Croatia (Hrvatska)) Abstract 137
Rachkovskaya,G., Kharabayev,Yu., Rachkovskaya,N.: Computer Graphics of Kinematic Surfaces (Russia) Abstract 141
Ramos,M.I., Feito,F.R., Gil,A.J.: Towards High Precission Digital Elevation Model (Spain) Abstract 145
Rehor,D., Slavik,P., Kadlecek,D., Nahodil,P.: Visualization of Dynamic Behaviour of Multi-Agent Systems (Czech Republic) Abstract 149
Reruang,S., Withayachumnankul,W., Pintavirooj,C., Airphaiboon,S.: 3D Shape Extraction Using Photographic Tomography with Its Applications (Thailand) Abstract 153
Rosell,V., Vivó,R.: Improving Form Factor Accuracy by Projecting into the Hemisphere Base (Spain) Abstract 157
Siddiqui,R., Sher,M., Rashid,K.: Face Identification based on Biological Trait using Infrared Images after Cold Effect Enhancement and Sunglasses Filtering (Pakistan) Abstract 161
Soetebier,I., Birthelmer,H., Sahm,J.: Client-Server Infrastructure for Interactive 3D Multi-User Environments (Germany) Abstract 165
Stachera,J., Nikiel,S.: Fractal Image Compression for Efficient Texture Mapping (Poland) Abstract 169
Toe,T., To,T.V.: Curve Matching using B-spline curve (Thailand) Abstract 173
Vanek,J., Jezek,B.: Real-Time Terrain Visualization on PC (Czech Republic) Additional File(s): P89-1.avi (14,8MB) Abstract 177
Vicent,M.J., Lluch,J., Vivó,R.: Natural Lighting of Vegetation based on Polar Planes (Spain) Abstract 181
Vicente,M.A., Fernandez,C., Reinoso,O, Perez,C.: Robust Object Detection in Complex Background using ICA Compression (Spain) Abstract 185
Vitulano,D., Santosa,F.: Information Retrieval of Color Images via Wavelets (Italy) Abstract 189
Wang,Q., Xu,H., Sun,Y.: Practical Construction of Reflectances for Spectral Rendering (USA) Abstract 193
Xi,P., Xu,T.: De-noising and Recovering Images Based on Kernel PCA Theory (China) Abstract 197
Zenka,R., Slavik,P.: Non-Photorealistic Walkthroughs Using Flash (Czech Republic) Abstract 201