VR-NaSty VR Character Narrator with Story based Suspense Support

Norbert Braun, Thomas Rieger, Martin Dietz
University of Darmstadt
Interactive Graphics Systems Group GRIS, Department of Computer Science
64283 Darmstadt
e-mail: Norbert.Braun@GRIS.Informatik.TU-Darmstadt.de url:


We describe the VR-NaSty system as well as its evaluation and discuss some implications for the presentation of information. The VR-NaSty is a virtual narrator, that gets its content information enriched with meta information about an underlying story structure. It uses this information to calculate the expressiveness (or intensity) of its facial expression and its hand gestures. We designed the system to be adaptable to all kind of information presentation - management information systems, tale presentation for children or narration at an exhibition. We describe the evaluation of the system and therefore proof its usefulness. By interpreting the evaluation results we derivate implications for the use of gestures by virtual characters