User-defined Texture Synthesis

Francesca Taponecco
Darmstadt University of Technology
Department of Computer Science
Interactive Graphics Systems Group
64283 Darmstadt


Synthesis of textures is a very popular and active area of research; the applications and the areas of interest are various and significant. In the last years, much work has been done in order to optimize the synthesis process, speeding up the methods and minimizing the processing errors. Recent efforts in this area are concentrated in producing flexible algorithms and in introducing tools, which augment the texture with artistic effects. In this work we present a novel approach for flexible texture synthesis: starting from an input sample the process generates an arbitrary resolution output image; the characteristics of this output texture are user-defined, as the user can freely choose a force field, determine color variations and add further features. The synthesis process is fully automatic and does not require additional intervention. The resulting outputs can be interpreted as filtered versions of a texture or as being obtained through transfer functions.