Objects and Occlusion from Motion Labeling

Albert Akhriev et al.
Institute of Information Technologies, RRC "Kurchatov Institute"
Laboratory of Mathematical Methods
123182, 1 Kurchatov square, Moscow,

e-mail: aaahaaah@hotmail.com



The problem of segmenting color video sequences is addressed. Boundary motion and occlusion relations ex-pressed by labeling rules are argued to be of key importance for segmentation. Interframe motion of object(s) and background is approximated by a similarity or affine transforms. The computation proceeds in several steps: (1) color gradient edges are fuzzy-clustered according to their motion; (2) boundaries of regions formed by a color segmenter are assigned weights and labeled according to their motion; (3) un-ambiguously moving regions and “conflict” regions are identified by a label relaxation procedure; (4) ambiguities and conflicts are resolved by multiframe analysis.