Voxelization of solids using simplicial coverings

Antonio J. Rueda, Rafael J. Segura, Francisco R. Feito, Juan Ruiz de Miras, Carlos Ogáyar
University of Jaén
Department of Computer Science
E-23071 - JAÉN

e-mail: rsegura@ujaen.es



Rasterization of polygons in 2D is a well known problem, existing several optimal solutions to solve it. The extension of this problem to 3D is more difficult and most existing solutions are designed to obtain a voxelization of the solid. In this paper a new approach to rasterize and voxelize solids in 3D is presented. The described algorithms are very simple, general and robust. The 3D algorithm is valid to be used in the new 3D displays, and it can also be used to voxelize solids delimited by planar faces (with or without holes, manifold or non-manifold). The proposed methods are very suitable for an implementation in graphic hardware rendering system, because it does not use any additional data structure or complex operation.