Cinematic Camera Control in 3D Computer Games

Ting-Chieh Lin, Zen-Chung Shih, Yu-Ting Tsai
National Chiao Tung University
Department of Computer and Information Science
30010, Hsinchu

e-mail: {gis90525, zcshih, gis91812}


Good camera control and planning techniques in 3D computer games can give players deeper feelings about atmosphere of games. However, most modern computer games use fixed point-of-view techniques to control the scene camera. We believe applications of some basic cinematic camera planning methods in computer games will enrich player’s gaming experience. In this paper, we discuss the principles of camera control in real-time 3D computer games and concepts of cinematography, encapsulating both of them into camera modules. We also present a system for event-driven camera modules selection which is connected to the interactive environment in 3D computer games. Furthermore, some methods to solve the conflict between camera placement and frame coherence are also described. Finally, a practical method to avoid obstruction is used in this system to consider the visibility of important objects.

Keywords: Computer Graphics, 3D Computer Games, Cinematic Camera Control, Constraint-Based Camera Planning.