Frequency-based Operators for Freeform Feature Shape Reuse

Chensheng Wang   Joris S.M. Vergeest   Yu Song

Delft University of Technology

Department of Computer-Aided Design Engineering

Landbergstraat 15

2628 CE Delft,

The Netherlands



Freeform feature shape reuse is an important issue in industrial design supporting. In this paper, the frequency-based operators for freeform feature shape reuse are discussed. Unlike the shape modeling approaches in the spatial domain that manipulate shapes by controlling the low-level geometric elements, the frequency-based operators work in the 2D frequency domain, and control the shape by manipulating its frequency components. This directly reduces the computational complexity of shape manipulating from 3D to 2D problem. Working with the surface distribution of the region of interest, our approach for feature reuse is screening the designer off the low-level geometric entities while performing a shape editing during the feature reuse process. By discretization within specified tolerance, our approach can apply to solid models, surface models, mesh models, or point cloud models.