Constant Curvature Region Decomposition of 3D-Meshes by a Mixed Approach Vertex-Triangle

Guillaume Lavoué
University Claude Bernard Lyon 1
69622 Villeurbanne Cedex



We present a new and efficient algorithm for decomposition of arbitrary triangle meshes into connected subsets of meshes called regions. Our method, based on discrete curvature analysis decomposes the object into almost constant curvature surfaces and not only “cut” the object along its hard edges like traditional methods. This algorithm is an hybrid approach vertex-triangle, it is based on three major steps: vertices are first classified using their discrete curvature values, then connected triangle regions are extracted via a region growing process and finally similar regions are merged using a region adjacency graph in order to obtain final patches. Experiments were conducted on both CAD and natural models, results are satisfactory. Segmented patches can then be used instead of the complete complex model to facilitate computer graphic tasks such as smoothing, surface fitting or compression.