Curve Matching by using B-spline Curves

Tet Toe & Tang Van To


This paper presents an algorithm for estimating the control points of the B-spline and curve matching which is achieved by using the dissimilarity measure based on the knot associated with the B-spline curves. The B-splines stand as one of the most efficient curve representations and possess very attractive properties such as spatial uniqueness, boundedness and continuity, local shape controllability, and invariance to affine transformations. These properties made them very attractive for curve representation, and consequently, they have been extensively used in computer-aided design and computer graphics. The curve matching program is shown in this paper. Any input test object curve can be matched with the B-spline sample curve. The control points of sample curve are computed and stored in the program. The test object curve, a bitmap file, is thinned then converted to B-spline curve and then to match with the sample curve.