WSCG 2003 Advanced Program

University of West Bohemia, Campus Bory, February 3 - 7, 2003

The 11-th International Conference in Central Europe on
Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision'2003

in co-operation with EUROGRAPHICS and IFIP working group 5.10
on Computer Graphics and Virtual Worlds

Please, note that the additional files might need to download proper decompression method

Monday February 3, 2003

17:00 - 21:00 Conference Registration - Hotel CENTRAL, nam. Republiky, Plzen, 1st Floor  

Tuesday February 4, 2003

7:09 Central Hotel, 7:12 Slovan hotel, 7:15 Skoda hotel gates - SHARP - Shuttle Bus for non-registered attendees  
7:20 - 8:00 Last Minute Conference Registration - Conference Office - University of West Bohemia, Bory Campus  
7:44 Shuttle Busses from the Slovan, Central gates , 7:49 Skoda hotel gate - to Bory Campus - SHARP - registered attendees  
8:30 - 8:40 Room UP 108 Opening session  
8:40- 9:05 Room UP 108 Keynote speech Chairman: Skala,V. (Czech Republic)  
Bresenham,J.E.: Welcome to the 11-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2003! (USA)  
9:10 - 10:10 UP 108 Keynote speech  
Bartz,D.: Large Model Visualization: Techniques and Applications (Germany) Abstract


10:40 - 12:00 Room UP 108 Chairman: : Zara,J. (Czech Republic)  
Zachmann,G.,Knittel,G.: An Architecture for Hierarchical Collision Detection (Germany) Abstract
Oliveira,J., Zhang,D., Spanlang,B., Buxton,B.: Animating Scanned Human Models (United Kingdom) Abstract
Kirsch,F., Doellner,J.: Real-Time Soft Shadows Using a Single Light Sample (Germany)
Additional file: B19-1.avi (13MB)
Benes,B., Cordoba,J.A., Soto,J.M.: Interacting Agents with Memory in Virtual Ecosystems (Mexico)
Additional file: I71-1.avi (3MB)
10:40 - 12:00 Room UP 104 Chairman: Klein,K. (Germany)  
Way,D.-L., Huang,S.-W., Shih,Z.-Ch.: Physical-based Model of Ink Diffusion in Chinese Paintings (Taiwan) Abstract
Van Laerhoven,T., Raymaekers,C., Van Reeth,F.: Generalized Object Interactions in a Component based Simulation Environment (Belgium) Abstract
Mezger,J., Kimmerle,S., Etzmuss,O.: Hierarchical Techniques in Collision Detection for Cloth Animation (Germany) Abstract
Ilmonen,T., Kontkanen,J.: The Second Order Particle System (Finland) Additional files: J11-1.mpg (5,5MB), J11-2.mpg (6,5MB) Abstract

Approx.11:55 Common photo will be taken IMMEDIATELY after the morning sessions end - DO NOT MISS IT !




Come to the Conference Office area during the lunch break to see POSTERS displayed

13:30 - 14:50 Room UP 108 Chairman: Bartz,D. (Germany)  
Sitte,R.: Visualizing Reliability in MEMS VR-CAD Tool (Australia) Abstract
Schneider,O., Braun,N., Habinger,G.: Storylining Suspense - An Authoring Environment for Structuring Non-linear Interactive Narratives (Germany) Abstract
Gardan,Y., Minich,Ch., Perrin,E.: Boolean Operations on Feature-based Models (France) Abstract
Ashdown,M., Robinson,P.: The Escritoire: A Personal Projected Display (United Kingdom) Abstract
13:30 - 14:50 Room UP 104 Chairman: Benes,B. (Mexico)  
Vosinakis,S., Panayiotopoulos,T.: A Task Definition Language for Virtual Agents (Greece) Abstract
Verlinden,J.C., de Smit,A., Peeters,A.W.J., van Gelderen M.H.: Development of a Flexible Augmented Prototyping System (Netherlands) Abstract
Hamill,J., O'Sullivan,C.: Virtual Dublin - A Framework for Real-Time Urban Simulation (Ireland)
Additional file: H41-2.avi (9,5MB)
Fuhrmann,A.; Gross,C.; Luckas,V.: Interactive Animation of Cloth Including Self Collision Detection (Germany)
Editional files: E02-1.avi (5MB), E02-2.avi (4MB)


15:10 - 16:30 Room UP 108 Chairman: Vergeest,J. (The Netherlands)  
Nienhaus,M., Doellner,J.: Edge-Enhancement - An Algorithm for Real-Time Non-Photorealistic Rendering (Germany) Abstract
Dzemyda,G., Kurasova,O.: Visualization of Multidimensional Data Taking into Account the Learning Flow of the Self-Organizing Neural Network (Lithuania) Abstract
Dudek,I., Blaise,J.Y.: New Experimentations of a Generic Framework for Architectural Heritage Data Visualisation (France) Abstract
Xu,R., Pattanaik,S.N.: High Dynamic Range Image Display Using Level Set Framework (USA) Abstract
15:10 - 16:30 Room UP 104 Chairman: Ferko,A. (Austria)  
Malerczyk,C., Klein,K., Wiebesiek,T.: 3D Reconstruction of Sports Events for Digital TV (Germany) Abstract
Grigorescu,C., Petkov,N., Westenberg,M.A.: The Role of Non-CRF Inhibition in Contour Detection (Netherlands) Abstract
Greenfield,G.R., House,D.H.: Image Recoloring Induced by Palette Color Associations (USA) Abstract
de Senneville,B.D., Desbarats,P., Quesson,B., Moonen,C.T.W.: Real-Time Artefact Corrections for Quantitative MR Temperature Mapping (France) Abstract
Expected 17:15 City Hall - short meeting with the Mayor of the Plzen (Pilsen) City - for INVITED ONLY  
Expected 17:00 & 17:30 & 18:00 - Brewary Museum - please register at the Conference Office - free of charge  

Wednesday February 5, 2003

8:14 Shuttle Busses from the Slovan, Central gates , 8:19 Skoda hotel gate - to Bory Campus - SHARP  
9:00 - 10:20 Room UP 108 Chairman: Zachmann,G. (Germany)  
Zuo,L., Li,J.-T., Wang,Z.-Q.: Anatomical Human Musculature Modeling for Real-time Deformation (China) Abstract
Chevalier,L., Jaillet,F., Baskurt,A.: Segmentation and Superquadric Modeling of 3D Objects (France) Abstract
Espino,F.J., Boo,M., Amor,M., Bruguera,J.D.: Adaptive Tessellation of NURBS Surfaces (Spain) Abstract
Alexa,M., Klug,T., Stoll,C.: Direction Fields over Point-Sampled Geometry (Germany) Abstract
9:00 - 10:20 Room UP 104 Chairman: Sochor,J. (Czech Republic)  
Werman,M.: Fast Convolution (Israel) Abstract
Suarez,J.P., Plaza,A.: Refinement and Hierarchical Coarsening Schemes for Triangulated Surfaces (Spain) Abstract
Remolar,I., Chover,M., Ribelles,J., Belmonte,Ó.: View-Dependent Multiresolution Model For Foliage (Spain) Abstract
Guthe,M., Klein,R.: Efficient NURBS Rendering using View-Dependent LOD and Normal Maps (Germany) Abstract


10:40 - 12:00 Room UP 108 Chairman: Sitte,R. (Australia)  
Sun,Q., Wu,E.: Probability Estimation for People Detection (China, Macau) Abstract
Neubauer,A., Wegenkittl,R.: Analysis of Four-Dimensional Cardiac Data Sets Using Skeleton-Based Segmentation (Austria) Abstract
Kwolek,B.: Visual System for Tracking and Interpreting Selected Human Actions (Poland) Abstract
Bevilacqua,A.: Effective Shadow Detection in Traffic Monitoring Applications (Italy) Abstract
Abdulghafour,M.: Image Segmentation using Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms (Oman) Abstract
10:40 - 12:00 Room UP 104 Chairman: Ashdown,M. (U.K.)  
Koloszár,J., Jae-Young,Y.: Accelerating Virtual Endoscopy (Hungary) Abstract
Hadwiger,M., Hauser,H., Möller,T.: Quality Issues of Hardware-Accelerated High-Quality Filtering on PC Graphics Hardware (Austria, Canada) Abstract
del Río,A., Bartz,D., Jäger,R., Gürvit,Ö., Freudenstein,D.: Efficient Steoroscopic Rendering in Virtual Endoscopy Applications (Germany) Abstract
Baerentzen,J.A., Christensen,N.J.: Hardware Accelerated Point Rendering of Isosurfaces (Denmark) Abstract


13:00 - 14:00 POSTER SESSION - come to the Conference Office area, discuss postres and pick up WSCG'2003 photo  
14:00 - 15:20 Room UP 108 Chairman: Zach,A.(Austria)  
Szecsi,L., Szirmay-Kalos,L., Kelemen,C.: Variance Reduction for Russian-roulette (Hungary) Abstract
Satoh,T.R.: Symplectic Ray Tracing: A New Frontier in Non-linear Ray Tracing (Japan) Abstract
Cano,P.; Torres,C.; Velasco,F.: Progressive Transmission of Polyhedral Solids Using a Hierarchical Representation Scheme (Spain) Abstract
Biri,V., Michelin,S., Arques,D.: Dynamic Radiosity using Higher Order Functions Bases and Temporal Coherence (France) Abstract
14:00 - 15:20 Room UP 108 Chairman: Baerentzen,A. (Denmark)  
Vergeest,J.S.M., Spanjaard,S., Wang,Ch.,Song,Y.: Complex 3D Feature Registration Using a Marching Template (Netherlands) Abstract
Giannini,F., Monti,M.: Design Intent-Oriented Modelling Tools for Aesthetic Design (Italy) Abstract
Garnier,L., Foufou,S., Neveu,M.: From Dupin Cyclides to Scaled Cyclides (France) Abstract


EXPECTED 17:30 - Pilsner Urquell Brewary Excursion - please register at the Conference Office - free of charge
number of places limited

Thursday February 6, 2003

8:14 Shuttle Busses from the Slovan, Central gates , 8:19 Skoda hotel gate - to Bory Campus - SHARP  
9:00 - 10:20 Room UP 108 Chairman: Alexa,M. (Germany)  
Zoi,V., Melas,J., Kalliaras,P., Mitrou,N.: An Open Framework for Prototyping the Delivery of Multimedia-rich Virtual Learning Experiences Through the Internet (Greece) Abstract
Styliadis,A.D., Karagiannidis,C.J., Zetas,N.C., Chatzara,K.N.: Pose Determination from a Single Image in a Controlled CAD Environment (Greece) Abstract
Schwald,B., de Laval,B.: An Augmented Reality System for Training and Assistence to Maintenance in the Industrial Context (Germany, USA) Abstract
Rieger,T.: Avatar Gestures (Germany) Abstract
9:00 - 10:20 Room UP 104 Chairman: Hadwiger,M. (Germany)  
Vicent,A.,P., Calleja,P.C., Martin,R.R.: Skewed Mirror Symmetry in the 3D Reconstruction of Polyhedral Models (Spain, United Kingdom) Abstract
Oh,S.-K., Lee,J.-J., Park,C.-H., Kim,B.-S.,Park,K.-H.: New Fingerprint Image Enhancement Using Directional Filter Bank (Korea) Abstract
Kunttu, I., Lepistö, L., Rauhamaa, J., Visa, A.: Binary Histogram in Image Classification for Retrieval Purposes (Finland) Abstract
Hao,Y., Yi,Z., Zeng-guang,H., Min,T.: Automatic Text Detection In Video Frames Based on Bootstrap Artificial Neural Network and CED (China) Abstract


10:40 - 12:00 Room UP 108 Chairman: Slavik,P. (Czech Republic)  
Ng,Y.H.P., Yang,G.Z.: Vector-valued Image Restoration with Applications to Magnetic Resonance Velocity Imaging (United Kingdom) Abstract
Li,M., Magnor,M., Seidel,H.-P.: Online Accelerated Rendering of Visual Hulls in Real Scenes (Germany) Abstract
Blasquez,I., Poiraudeau,J.-F.: Efficient Processing of Minkowski Functionals on a 3D Binary Image Using Binary Decision Diagrams (France) Abstract
Abasolo,M.J., Perales,F.J.: Wavelet Analysis for a New Multiresolution Model for Large-Scale Textured Terrains (Spain) Abstract
10:40 - 12:00 Room UP 104 Chairman: Kolingerova,I. (Czech Republic)  
Van Haevre,W., Bekaert,P.: A Simple but Effective Algorithm to Model the Competition of Virtual Plants for Light and Space (Belgium) Abstract
Sarfraz,M.: Optimal Curve Fitting to Digital Data (Saudi Arabia) Abstract
Jones,M.W.: Melting Objects (United Kingdom) Additional File: G29-1.mpg (1,2MB) , G29-2.mpg (0,3MB) Abstract
Grabner,M.: Compression of Arbitrary Triangle Meshes With Attributes For Selective Refinement (Austria) Abstract
Druon,S., Crosnier,A., Brigandat,L.: Efficient Cellular Automata for 2D/3D Free-form Modeling (France) Abstract


14:00 - 15:20 Room UP 108 Chairman: Hast,A. (Sweden)  
Zach,Ch., Karner,K.: Progressive Compression of Visibility Data for View-dependent Multiresolution Meshes (Austria) Abstract
Schneider,S., May,T., Schmidt,M.: Rendering Large (Volume) Datasets: A new Parallel Visualization System (Germany) Abstract
Larsen,B.D., Christensen,N.J.: Real-time Terrain Rendering using Smooth Hardware Optimized Level of Detail (Denmark) Abstract
ElHelw,M.A., Yang,G.-Z.: Cylindrical Relief Textures Mapping (United Kingdom) Abstract
14:00 - 15:20 Room UP 108 Chairman: Perales,F. (Spain)  
Yu,Y.-Y., Lee,D.-H., Lee,Y.-B., Cho,H.-G.: Interactive Rendering Technique for Realistic Oriental Painting (Korea) Abstract
Velha,P.L.E., Fabris,A.E.: A Global Propagation Technique for the Modeling of Plants (Brazil) Abstract
Rosenbaum,R., Taubman,D.: Remote Display of Large Raster Images Using JPEG2000 and the Rectangular FishEye-View (Germany, Australia) Abstract
McKenzie,F., Scerbo,M., Catanzaro,J.: Generating Nonverbal Indicators of Deception in Virtual Reality Training (USA) Abstract
Loviscach,J.: Complex Water Effects at Interactive Frame Rates (Germany) Abstract


16:00 - 17:20 Room UP 108 Keynote speech Chairman: Skala,V. (Czech Republic)  
Herman,G.T.: Blobs for Representing and Visualization 3D Objects (USA) Abstract

18:59 CONFERENCE DINNER - take your vouchers with you. Place to be announced




Wednesday February 5, 2003

15:40 - 17:00 Room UP 108 Chairman: Grabner,M. (Austria)  
Zhang,H., Shu,H.Z., Luo,L.M.: Mesh Simplification Based on Shading Characteristic (China) Abstract
Szijártó,G.: Hardware Architecture for Fast Camera Effects Rendering (Hungary) Abstract
Roque,W.L., Doering,D.: Constructing Approximate Voronoi Diagrams from Digital Images of Generalized Polygons and Circular Objects (Brazil) Abstract
Nechvíle,K., Tobola,P., Sochor,J.: Comparison of Accelerating Techniques for Discontinuity Meshing (Czech Republic) Abstract
Menon,A., Barnes,B., Mills,R., Bruyns,C., Twombly,A., Smith,J., Montgomery,K., Boyle,R.: Using Registration, Calibration, and Robotics to Build a More Accurate Virtual Reality Simulation for Astronaut Training and Telemedicine (USA) Abstract
Hast,A., Barrera,B., Bengtsson,E.: Shading by Spherical Linear Interpolation using De Moivre's Formula (Sweden) Abstract
Endo,L.C., Morimoto,C.H., Fabris,A.E.: Real-time Animation of Underbrushes (Brazil) Abstract
Braun,N.: Storytelling in Collaborative Augmented Reality Environments (Germany) Abstract
Aljamali,A., Banissi,E.: Grid Method Classification of Islamic Geometric Patterns (United Kingdom) Abstract
Albin,S., Péroche,B.: Directionally Dependent Light Sources (France) Abstract
15:40 - 17:00 Room UP 104 Chairman: Kolcun,A. (Czech Republic)  
Schindler,K., Bauer,B.: Towards Feature-Based Building Reconstruction from Images (Austria) Abstract
Peters,C., Dobbyn,S., Mac Namee,B., O'Sullivan,C.: Smart Objects for Attentive Agents (Ireland) Abstract
Pessel,N., Opderbecke,J., Aldon,M.J.: Camera Self-Calibration in Underwater Environment (France) Abstract
Lepistö,L., Kunttu,I., Autio,J., Visa,A.: Rock Image Classification Using Non-Homogeous Textures and Spectral Imaging (Finland) Abstract
Laycock,G.R., Day,A.M.: Simulating Deformable Tools with Haptic Feedback in a Virtual Environment (United Kingdom) Abstract
Kavan,L., Zara,J.: Real Time Skin Deformation with Bones Blending (Czech Republic) Abstract
Hesse,M., Gavrilova,M.: Quantitative Analysis of Culling Techniques for Real-time Rendering of Digital Elevation Models (Canada) Abstract
Guinnip,D., Jaynes,C., Rice,D., Stevens,R.: Efficent Image-Based Projective Mapping Using the Master Texture Space Encoding (USA) Abstract
Bevilacqua,A.: Optimizing Parameters of a Motion Detection System by Means of a Genetic Algorithm (Italy) Abstract
Al-Ghreimil,N., Hahn,J.K.: Combined Partial Motion Clips (USA) Abstract

POSTER SESSION - Conference Office area


Wednesday February 5, 2003

Velasco,F., Torres,J.C., León,A.: Progressive Transmission of Cell Octrees (Spain) Abstract
Taponecco,F., Alexa,M.: Piecewise Circular Approximation of Spirals and Polar Polynomials (Germany) Abstract
Simunic,K.: Visualization of Stock Market Charts (Germany) Abstract
Sá,A.M., Carvalho,P.C.P., Velho,L.: Recovering Registered Geometry and High Dynamic Range Texture with Coded Structured Light (Brazil) Abstract
Rittermann,M., Schuldt,M.: 3D Television Production Based on MPEG-4 Principles (Germany) Abstract
Revelles,J., Lastra,M., Montes,R., Cano,P.: A Formal Framework for Analysis and Comparison of Simple Ray-Scene Intersection Test Improvement (Spain) Abstract
Reitinger,B., Kranzlmüller,D., Ferko,A.: Program Visualization through Visual Metaphors (Austria) Abstract
Popovici,D.M., Serbanati, L.D., Harrouet, F.: The Virtual Environment - Another Approach (Romania, France) Abstract
Pérez,A., Córdoba,M.L., García,A., Méndez,R., Muńoz,M.L., Pedraza,J.L., Sánchez,F.: A Precise Eye-Gaze Detection and Tracking System (Spain) Abstract
Mueller,A., Stefan,C., Krujiff,E.: Multifaceted Interaction with a Virtual Engineering Environment using a Scenegraph-oriented Approach (Germany) Abstract
Mooney,R., O' Sullivan,C., Ryan,J., Bell,C.: The Construction of a Volumetric Cardiac Model for Real-time ECG Simulation (Ireland) Abstract
Mollá,R., Jorquera,P., Vivó,R.: Fixed-Point Arithmetic Line Clipping (Spain) Abstract
Mineur,Y.: A Shape Constrained Curve Approximation Method for Styling Surfaces Modeling (France) Abstract
Milér,V., Hudec,B.: Communication in Componentized 3D Graphics Multimedia Systems (Czech Republic) Abstract
Laycock,G.R., Day,A.M.: Automatically Generating Roof Models from Building Footprints (United Kingdom) Abstract
Larsen,B., Christensen,N. J.: Optimizing Photon Mapping Using Multiple Photon Maps for Irradiance Estimates (Denmark) Abstract
Lanquetin,S., Foufou,S., Kheddouci,H., Neveu,M.: Computing Subdivision Surface Intersection (France) Abstract
Kelemen,C., Benedek,B., Szirmay-Kalos,L.: Bi-directional Rays in Global Illumination (Hungary) Abstract
Kang,M.-Z., de Reffye,P., Barczi,J.-F., Hu,B.-G.: Fast Algorithm for Stochastic Tree Computation (China, France) Abstract
Jezek,B., Antos,K.: Improved Gradient Estimation Methods for Rendering of Volume Data (Czech Republic) Abstract
Jesse,R., Isenberg,I.: Use of Hybrid Rendering Styles for Presentation (Germany) Abstract
Jeschke,S., Birkholz,H.,Schmann,H.: A Procedural Model for Interactive Animation of Breaking Ocean Waves (Germany) Abstract
Igi,S., Tamaru,M., Yamamoto,Y., Ujitani,M., Sugita,S.: Sign Language Synthesis for the Mobile Environments (Japan) Abstract
Gao,S., Lu,H.-Q.: A Fast Algorithm for Delaunay Based Surface Reconstruction (China) Abstract
Ferko,A., Grabner,M., Schwann,G., Sormann,M., Schindler,K.: Navigation Functionality for Virtual Archaeology (Austria) Abstract
Cadik,M., Slavik,P., Prikryl,J.: Experimental System for Visualization of the Light Load (Czech Republic) Abstract
Boulenguez,P., Luciani,A.: A Physical Particle Model of Morphogenesis (France) Abstract
Bottino A., Jaulin L., Laurentini A.: Finding Feasible Parameter Sets for Shape from Silhouettes with Unknown Position of the Viewpoints (Italy) Abstract
Begum,M., Nahar,N., Fatimah,K., Hasan,M.K., Rahman,M.A.: An Efficient Algorithm for Codebook Design in Transform Vector Quantization (Bangladesh, Canada) Abstract
Battiato,S., Pulvirenti,A., Reforgiato,D.: Antipole Clustering for Fast Texture Synthesis (Italy) Abstract
Aranha,C.A., Carvalho,S.R., Gonçalvez,L.M.: Câmbio: A Realistic Simulated Robot for Vision Algorithms (Brazil) Abstract
Antiga,L., Ene-Iordache,B., Remuzzi,A.: Centerline Computation and Geometric Analysis of Branching Tubular Surfaces with Application to Blood Vessel Modeling (Italy) Abstract
Albertoni,R., Bertone,A., De Martino,M.: A Visualization-based Approach to Explore Geographic Metadata (Italy) Abstract
Aguilera,R.P., Ramirez,A.A.: Classifying Edges and Faces as Manifold or Non-Manifold Elements in 4D Orthogonal Pseudo-Polytopes (Mexico) Abstract
Abdul Salam,R., Rodrigues,M.A.: Three-Dimensional Object Recognition: Statistical Approach (Malaysia, U.K.) Abstract


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