Recovering Registered Geometry and High Dynamic  Range Texture with Coded Structured Light

Asla M. Sa
Instituto Nacional de Matematica Pura e Aplicada - IMPA
Computer Graphics Lab (Visgraf)
22460-320, Rio de Janeiro



Keywords: 3D-Photography, Coded structured light, High-Dynamic Range Images. 


In  the  last  two decades  the problem of accurately capturing the geometry of an object was extensively studied,  while the acquisition of high-quality textures only in recent years has become subject of research. In most cases,  geometry and texture are acquired separately and a registration step has to be carried out to correlate them. In this  work we describe the usage of a color coded structured light. The traditional use of color in coding was revised in  [Sa02b], and we had shown that, by projecting complementary slides, the reflectivity restrictions on objects can  be eliminated. In this paper, by varying exposure between pairs of complementary slides, we are able to recover  high dynamic range images and geometry at the same time, already registered to each other.