Design intent-oriented modelling tools for aesthetic design

Franca Giannini, Marina Monti
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Istituto di Matematica Applicata e Tecnologie Informatiche
Via De Marini 6, 16149 Genova

e-mail: giannini(monti)


Keywords: Aesthetic design, aesthetic features and properties, shape perception, geometric modelling

Abstract The paper presents the outcome of an international research project, aimed at identifying and implementing  an innovative approach in computer aided aesthetic design. Despite the availability of sophisticated modelling tools,  there are still critical issues to be faced in order to get functionality really suited to the creative users mentality. The presented results are based on the analysis of the design activities carried out with stylists and surfacers  (Computer Aided Styling operators) both in the automotive field (BMW, Pininfarina, Saab), and in household  supplies field (Alessi and Eiger). Some of the identified aesthetic features, used by designers to judge the shape, are discussed.  In particular the free–form modelling tools for curve modification driven by aesthetic properties perception will be presented. .