Automatic Text Detection In Video Frames Based on Bootstrap Artificial Neural Network And CED

Hao Yan, Yi Zhang, Zengguang Hou, Min Tan
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute of Automation
100080   Beijing


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Keywords:  text detection, video frame, bootstrap, artificial neural network, CED


In this paper, one novel approach for text detection in video frames, which is based on bootstrap artificial neural  network  (BANN)   and    CED operator, is proposed. This method first uses a new color image edge operator (CED) to segment the image and achieve the elementary candidate text block. And then the neural network is introduced into the further classification of the text blocks and the non-text blocks in video frames.  The idea  of  bootstrap is  introduced  into  the  training of the ANN, thus improving the effectiveness of the neural network greatly. Experiments results proved that this method is effective.