Anatomical Human Musculature Modeling for Real-time Deformation

ZUO Li, LI Jin-tao, WANG Zhao-qi
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Digital Laboratory
100080, Beijing

e-mail: {lzuo, jtli, zqwang}


Keywords: Human Modeling, Deformation, Musculature, Human Anatomize


Human musculature is an important structure for appearance and deformation of body surface. In this paper, we propose a new method of muscle modeling based on both anatomical and real-time consideration. Furthermore, we introduce our muscle modeling system. In the system muscle can be constructed and edited easily through appointing some radial and transverse cross-section control parameters. Deformation of muscle model can be achieved through axial deformation and cross-sectionís deformation. User can adjust the precision of models to meet different requirements. The effects are satisfactory when we apply the model to our Human Modeling System. This modeling approach can also be used to model other soft tissues.