Wavelet Analysis for a New Multiresolution Model

for Large-Scale Textured Terrains


Francisco J. Perales . María José Abásolo

Graphics and Vision Unit . Department of Mathematics & Computing

University of the Balearic Islands

                      Cra. De Valldemossa km 7.5 (07001) Palma, Spain




Large terrain databases require a great number of polygons and textures. In consequence, transmission of terrain data over slow networks is still worrying. Multiresolution models allow progressive transmission, that is, the transmission of a simple model followed by successive refinements. In this work we describe a new multiresolution model called Geometric-Textured Bitree (GTB) that enables progressive transmission of both geometry and textures of a terrain model. Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis is applied in different steps of the process: selection of geometric points, texture classification and segmentation. An innovative texture synthesis process based on Wavelet classification is used in the reconstruction of the texture model.


Progressive Transmission, Quadtree Triangulation, Multiresolution Model, Multiresolution Analysis, Wavelets, Texture Classification and Segmentation, Texture synthesis