Storytelling in Collaborative Augmented Reality Environments

Norbert Braun
University of Darmstadt
Department of Computer Science
Research Group Interactive Graphics Systems
64283 Darmstadt


Keywords: Augmented Reality, Interactive Storytelling and Narration, Collaborative Virtual Environments, Rich User Experiences


We describe the several possibilities of using storytelling in an Augmented Reality Environment to support the collaborative experience of the users in those environments.
We start with the motivation of a lack of storytelling and experience in CVEs. As an implication of the need for such experiences, we give a general definition of Interactive Storytelling and offer some insights on the difference between Interactive Stories and Games.
We introduce our approach to Interactive Storytelling as a combination of Audience Participatory Theatre and a morphological approach to storytelling in Augmented Reality Environments.
An overview of the technical development of the approach is followed by a project description, using the stated approach to verify the useful application of the approach in regard to collaborative user experiences.