Cambio: A Realistic Simulated Robot for Vision Algorithms

Claus Aranha, Schubert Carvalho, Luiz Goncalves
State University of Campinas
Institute for Computer Science
Caixa Postal 6176
13083-970 Campinas, SP, Brasil


Keywords: Computer Vision, Simulation, Robotics


We introduce concepts and algorithms for control of visual
motor commands and realistic simulation of basic abilities as visual
servoing and perception for robotics vision simulation. We use the
tools to build part of a humanoid (arms and head) robot, affectively
named ``Cambio''. We describe Cambio's design, providing an
overview on the most used feature extraction techniques for
perception, discussing implementation issues. We show the usefulness
of a simulated platform as an inexpensive alternative for testing and
developing computer vision algorithms in real-time robotics