Online Accelerated Rendering of Visual Hulls in Real Scenes

Ming Li, Marcus Magnor and Hans-Peter Seidel
Max-Planck Institut fuer Informatik
Computer Graphics Group
D-66123, Saarbruecken



Keywords: Image-based Modeling and Rendering, Hardware-accelerated Rendering, Projective Texture Mapping, Shadow Mapping, Visual Hull Rendering


This paper presents an online system which is capable of reconstructing and rendering dynamic objects in real scenes. We reconstruct visual hulls of the objects by using a shape-from-silhouette approach. During rendering, a novel blending scheme is employed to compose multiple background images. Visibility artifacts on the dynamic object are removed by using opaque projective texture mapping. We also propose a dynamic texture packing technique to improve rendering performance by exploiting region-of-interest information. Our system takes multiple live or pre-recorded video streams as input. It produces realistic real-time rendering results of dynamic objects in their surrounding natural environment in which the user can freely navigate.