High Dynamic Range Image Display Using Level Set Framework/Talk

Ruifeng Xu, and Sumanta N. Pattanaik
University of Central Florida
Department of Computer Science
Orlando, 32827

e-mail: {rxu,sumant}@cs.ucf.edu



Keywords: Level set method, sigmoid function, high dynamic range image display.


This paper presents a novel solution to the High Dynamic Range (HDR) image compression problem using level set framework. Using level set framework, this method separates the HDR image into detail and profile. Then it uses a global tone mapping function to compress the profile. Finally it produces a low dynamic range version of the image for display by adding the details to the compressed profile. This method is capable of compressing the dynamic range while retaining the detail in the final image of various HDR images in a short time.
We presented a High Dynamic Range image display method based on extraction of detail using level set method and the range compression function-Sigmoid funciton. The results are better than the application of a single range compression function on the whole image. The range compression function compresses the detail in the plateau area. However, our method avoids this problem by compressing the range in the profile image and restoring the previously extracted detail. Our method is faster than the local adaptation based approachs. Our approach can be applied to most HDR images and obtain desirable results in one or two minutes.