A Shape Constrained Curve Approximation Method for Styling Surfaces Modeling

Yves Mineur

University of Valenciennes
59313 Valenciennes - France

e-mail: yves.mineur@univ-valenciennes.fr



Keywords: Styling surfaces, Curve fairing, Monotone curvature, Shape preservation.


The problem of styling surfaces modeling is tackled. An approach based on section curves fairing is chosen. The concept of template curves is developed for approximating profiles with a monotone curvature variation. Constrained Bezier curves called typical curves are used for that. A curve growing  process based on a G2  typical curve fitting method, is  investigated. It consists first in determining a seed curve element then by a succession of extrapolating and fitting operations, to generate a curve segment with a given monotone curvature variation fitted locally to a data points set.