Rendering Large (Volume) Datasets: A new Parallel Visualization System

Michael Schmidt
Fraunhofer Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung
Department Animation and Image Communication
Fraunhoferstrasse 5
64283 Darmstadt



Keywords: Interactive, Parallel Visualization, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Large Volume Data, Visualization System


In this paper we describe a basis for a system that is able to compute actual scientific and realistic visualization methods in parallel. It is capable to integrate easily in modern VR renderers like for example Open Inventor, Coin and OpenSG. Our approach is advantageous for processing large datasets which usually are the result of physically based simulation algorithms and programs. Using our techniques it is even more feasible to manage similar visualization problems for other large amounts of data (e.g. medicinal CT-scans or large geometries) in the context of displaying interactively.