Storylining Suspense: An Authoring Environment for Structuring Non-Linear Interactive Narratives

Oliver Schneider, Norbert Braun, Gregor Habinger
Digital Storytelling
Zentrum für Graphische Datenverarbeitung (ZGDV e.V.)
64283 Darmstadt
{Oliver.Schneider, Norbert.Braun}


Keywords: authoring, interactive storytelling and narration, human computer interaction, computer games


We describe an approach to a new authoring method for interactive storytelling. After positioning digital storytelling in a theoretical context to literature, we consider the authorís view of the tools to be used and introduce a coherent environment that does not restrict the creative process and lets the author feel comfortable, leading him to create well-narrated, interactive non-linear stories. We describe the implementation of the story engine authoring module, which is followed by a project description.