A Global Signal Propagation Technique for the Modeling of Plants

Pedro L. E. Velha, Antonio Elias Fabris
University of Sao Paulo
Departamento de Matematica Aplicada
ZIP code 05508-090; Sao Paulo

e-mail: eira@ime.usp.br, aef@ime.usp.br



Keywords: Signal propagation, nutrient propagation, L-system, plant modeling, simulation


This paper introduces a new technique for modeling signal and nutrient propagation in plant models to counteract the main disadvantages of current methods: the difficulty of setting the velocity of the propagation and the complexity of models with many signals. This technique uses implicit parameters and global propagation functions, offering a better control over the velocity of propagation, making the modeling of many independent signals an easy task, and keeping the model simple and objective. Furthermore, our approach is easy to be aggregated into existing models and makes the modeling of signal and nutrient propagation a more intuitive task.