Using Registration Calibration and Robotics to Build a More Accurate Virtual Reality Simulation for Astronaut Training

Anil S Menon1, Bobby Barnes1, Rose Mills1, Cynthia D Bruyns1, Alexander Twombly1, Jeff Smith1, Kevin Montgomery2, Richard Boyle1

1BioVis Laboratory
NASA Ames Research Center
Mail Stop 239-11
Moffett, CA, 94035

2National Biocomputation Center
701 Welch Road
Suite 1128
Palo Alto, CA, 94304



Keywords: Registration, robotics, virtual reality, astronaut training


Computer simulation of surgery and scientific experiments help in preparation, training, and assessment. These benefits can be further extended with the integration of robotics for teleoperation and assistance. We describe our efforts to build a realistic and useable simulation for astronaut training and experiment planning. Most of our development focused on user interaction with hand sensors, a necessary component for realism. For the hands, we developed a simulation and focused on aspects of fine tuning the registration and calibration to increase realism and functionality. This proved to be a necessary basis to integrate robotics and further the simulation's range of applications. Accurate registration, calibration, and robotic integration helped build a foundation for a useable simulation for astronaut training on ground and avenues of robotic assistance during flight.