Cylindrical Relief Texture Mapping

Mohamed A. ElHelw and Guang-Zhong Yang
Imperial College
Department of  Computing
SW7 2BZ, London   
United Kingdom

e-mail: {me,gzy}


Keywords: Image-Based Rendering, Image Warping, Range Images, Relief Textures, Texture Mapping.


This paper describes a new Image Based Rendering technique aimed at increasing the realism of textured cylindrical surfaces by adding 3D details and enhancing the depth conceived by the viewer. Cylindrical relief texture mapping extends the existing work on planar relief textures by using cylinders as warp surfaces. After mapping the planar relief texture to a reference cylinder, cylindrical warping equations are used to generate an intermediate image for texture mapping the reference cylinder and introducing motion parallax. The strength of the technique is demonstrated by the visual realism provided, with examples showing how the proposed method can be used for generating depth enhanced panoramas and improved endoscopic simulations.