Hierarchical Techniques in Collision Detection for Cloth Animation

Johannes Mezger, Stefan Kimmerle, Olaf Etzmuß
University of Tübingen
72076 Tübingen

e-mail: {mezger, kimmerle, etzmuss}@gris.uni-tuebingen.de



Keywords: Computer Graphics, Cloth Simulation, Collision Detection.


In the animation of deformable objects, collision detection is crucial for the performance. Contrary to volumetric bodies, the accuracy requirements for the collision treatment of textiles are particularly strict because any overlapping is visible. Therefore, we apply methods specifically designed for deformable surfaces that speed up the collision detection. In this paper the efficiency of bounding volume hierarchies is improved by adapted techniques for building and traversing these hierarchies. An extended set of heuristics is described that allows to prune the hierarchy. Oriented inflation of bounding volumes enables us to detect proximities with a minimum of extra cost.