Comparison of Accelerating Techniques for Discontinuity Meshing

Karel Nechvíle, Petr Tobola and Jiří Sochor
Faculty of Informatics
Masaryk University
Botanická 68a& Brno
Czech Republic

e-mail: {kodl,ptx,sochor}


Keywords: discontinuity meshing, accelerating strategies, discontinuity surface propagation, bounding volume hierarchies


Creating an appropriate mesh is one of demanding tasks of many global illumination algorithms. Discontinuity meshing proved to diminish artifacts caused by other meshing strategies. Since naive discontinuity meshing would produce a great amount of geometric computations, accelerating techniques are usually involved. In this paper, we present results obtained with help of k-discrete orientation polytopes (k-DOPs) and oriented bounding boxes (OBBs) and compare them to previously used accelerating schemes like voxels, BSP-trees and octrees.