The Virtual Environment - Another Approach

Dorin Mircea POPOVICI, Luca-Dan Serbanati
OVIDIUS University of Constanta
Department of Computer Science and Numerical Methods
124 Mamaia Bd., 8700 Constanta


Laboratoire d'Informatique Industrielle
Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Brest
C.P. 30815 - 29608 BREST Cedex



Keywords: Virtual environment, virtual entity, virtual agent, fuzzy set, perception field, informational link.


In this paper the virtual environment, viewed as a multi-dimensional space, populated by entities which interact with each other is considered. In this universe an entity can trigger interactions with another entities or can be subject of such interactions. The environment’s dynamics is determined by the information flow between its entities.
The proposed framework is based on the concepts of perception and action fields, which bounds the virtual environment’s entities. More, the notion of informational link is introduced as a basis for inter-entities communication. Finally, we present the VR agent’s architecture used in our developments.