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Journal of WSCG, Vol.13, No.1-3 Title and contents pages Complete Volume Vol.13 [12.4 MB] ISSN 1213-6972
WSCG FULL papers proceedings Title and contents pages Complete proceedings [19.2 MB] ISBN 80-903100-7-9
WSCG SHORT papers proceedings Title and contents pages Complete proceedings [14.6 MB] ISBN 80-903100-9-5
WSCG POSTERS proceedings Title and contents pages Complete proceedings [8.5 MB] ISBN 80-903100-8-7


Conference Program

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Journal and FULL Papers

Session A - Chair: James T. Klosowski (USA)  
Guthe,M., Borodin,P., Klein,R.: Fast and Accurate Hausdorff Distance Calculation between Meshes (Germany) Abstract
Hubo,E., Bekaert,P.: A Data Distribution Strategy for Parallel Point-Based Rendering (Belgium) Abstract
Ilmonen,T., Reunanen,M., Kontio,P.: Broadcast GL: An Alternative Method for Distributing OpenGL API Calls to Multiple Rendering Slaves (Finland) Abstract
Lario,R., Pajarola,R., Tirado,F.: Cached Geometry Manager for View-dependent LOD Rendering (Spain) Abstract
Porcu,M.B., Sanna,N., Scateni,R.: Efficiently Keeping an Optimal Stripification over a CLOD Mesh (Italy) Abstract
Session B - Chair: Lazslo Szirmay-Kalos (Hungary)  
Benölken,P., Graf,H.: Direct Volume Rendering Unstructured Grids in a PC based VR Environment (Germany) Abstract
Herout,A., Zemcik,P.: Hardware Pipeline for Rendering Clouds of Circular Points (Czech Republic) Abstract
Kanodia,R.L., Linsen,L., Hamann,B.: Multiple Transparent Material-enriched Isosurfaces (Germany) Abstract
Knuth,M., Fuhrmann,A.: Self-Shadowing of Dynamic Scenes with Environment Maps using the GPU (Germany) Additional file: G89-1.avi [14 MB] Abstract
Loviscach,J.: Paving Procedural Roads with Pixel Shaders (Germany) Additional file: [2 MB] Abstract
Session C - Chair: Alade Tokuta (USA)  
Bendels,G.H., Klein,R., Samimi,M., Schmitz,A.: Statistical Shape Analysis for Computer Aided Spine Deformity Detection (Germany) Abstract
Bleser,G., Pastarmov,Y., Stricker,D.: Real-time 3D Camera Tracking for Industrial Augmented Reality Applications (Germany) Abstract
Guizatdinova,I., Surakka,V.: Detection of Facial Landmarks from Neutral, Happy, and Disgust Facial Images (Finland) Abstract
Mercier,B., Meneveaux,D.: Shape from Silhouette: Image Pixels for Marching Cubes (France) Additional file: C47-2.pdf [710 KB] Abstract
Westenberg,M.A., Ertl,T.: Denoising 2-D Vector Fields by Vector Wavelet Thresholding (Germany) Abstract
Session D - Chair: Jörn Loviscach (Germany)  
Fournier,G., Péroche,B.: Multi-mesh Caching and Hardware Sampling for Progressive and Interactive Rendering (France) Abstract
Geimer,M., Abert,O.: Interactive Ray Tracing of Trimmed Bicubic Bézier Surfaces without Triangulation (Germany) Abstract
Lintu,A., Haber,J., Magnor,M.: Realistic Solar Disc Rendering (Germany) Additional file: F17-1.mpeg [3,8 MB] Abstract
Luz,J.L.,Velho,L.; Carvalho,P.C.: Silhouette Enhanced Point-Based Rendering (Brazil) Abstract
Szirmay-Kalos,L., Antal,Gy., Sbert,M.: Go with the Winners Strategy in Path Tracing (Hungary) Abstract
Session E - Chair: Hermann Birkholz (Germany)  
Erleben,K., Dohlmann,H., Sporring,J.: The Adaptive Thin Shell Tetrahedral Mesh (Denmark) Abstract
Huysmans,T., Sijbers,J., Verdonk,B.: Parametrization of Tubular Surfaces on the Cylinder (Belgium) Abstract
Mora,F., Aveneau,L., Meriaux,M.: Efficient and Exact Polygon-to-Polygon Visibility (France) Abstract
Murotani,K., Sugihara,K.: New Spectral Decomposition for 3D Polygonal Meshes and its Application for Watermarking (Japan) Abstract
Reitinger,B., Bornik,A., Beichel,R.: Constructing Smooth Non-Manifold Meshes of Multi-Labeled Volumetric Datasets (Austria) Abstract
Session F - Chair: Stuart Ferguson (U.K.)  
Beets,K., Claes,J., Van Reeth,F.: A Subdivision Scheme to Model Surfaces with Spherelike Features (Belgium) Abstract
Cuno,A., Esperanca,C., Cavalcanti,P.R., Farias,R.: 3D Free-form Modeling with Variational Surfaces (Brazil) Abstract
Jin,C., Fevens,T., Li,S., Mudur,S.P.: Feature Preserving Volumetric Data Simplification for Application in Medical Imaging (Canada) Abstract
Levet,F., Hadim,J., Reuter,P., Schlick,Ch.: Anisotropic Sampling for Differential Point Rendering of Implicit Surfaces (France) Additional file: [18 MB] Abstract
Sugisaki,E.,Yu,Y.,Anjyo,K.,Morishima,S.: Simulation-Based Cartoon Hair Animation (Japan) Abstract
Ge,Ch., Chen,Y., Yang,Ch., Yin,B., Gao,W.: Motion Retargeting for the Hand Gesture (China) Abstract
Session G - Chair: John McDonald (USA)  
Fiorentino,M., Uva,A.E., Monno,G.,: The SenStylus: A Novel Rumble-Feedback Pen Device for CAD Application in Virtual Reality (Italy) Abstract
Froehlich,B., Blach,R., Stefani,O., Hochstrate,J., Hoffmann,J., Klueger,K., Bues,M.: Implementing Multi-Viewer Stereo Displays (Germany) Abstract
Hu,J., You,S., Neumann,U.: Texture Painting from Video (United States) Abstract
Miyazaki, T, Kaneko, T, and S. Kuriyama: Virtual Destruction of a 3D Object with a Stick (Japan) Abstract
Somol,P., Haindl,M.: Novel Path Search Algorithm for Image Stitching and Advanced Texture Tiling (Czech Republic) Abstract
Session H - Chair: Jiri Sochor (Czech Republic)  
Kartasheva,E., Adzhiev,V., Comninos,P., Pasko,A., Schmitt,B.: Construction of Implicit Complexes: A Case Study (United Kingdom) Abstract
Klein,J., Zachmann,G.: Interpolation Search for Point Cloud Intersection (Germany) Abstract
McDonald,J., Wolfe,R., Alkoby,K., Brzezinski,J., Carter,R., Davidson,M.J., Furst,J., Hinkle,D., Kroll,B., Lancaster,G., Smallwood,L., Toro,J., Ougouag,N., Schnepp,J.: Achieving Consistency in a Combined IK/FK Interface for a Seven Degree-of-Freedom Kinematic Chain (United States) Abstract
Somchaipeng,K., Erleben,K., Sporring,J.: A Multi-Scale Singularity Bounding Volume Hierarchy (Denmark) Abstract
Wang,H., Wang,M., Hintz,T.,Wu,Q., He,X.: VSA-bades Fractal Image Compression (Australia) Abstract
Session K - Chair: Michal Haindl (Czech Republic)  
Ali,K., Hartmann,K., Strothotte,Th.: Label Layout for Interactive 3D Illustrations (Germany) Abstract
Frau,S., Roberts, J.C., Boukhelifa,N.: Dynamic Coordinated Email Visualization (United Kingdom) Abstract
Linsen,L., Karis,B.J., McPherson,E.G., Hamann,B.: Tree Growth Visualization (Germany) Abstract
Semwal,S.K., Chandrashekhar,K.: Cellular Automata for 3D Morphing of Volume Data (United States) Abstract
Schulze-Wollgast,P., Tominski,C., Schumann,H.: Enhancing Visual Exploration by Appropriate Color Coding (Germany) Additional file: [317 KB] Abstract
Wan,T.R., Chen,H., Earnshaw,R.A.: A Motion Constraint Dynamic Path Planning Algorithm for Multi-Agent Simulations (United Kingdom) Abstract

SHORT Papers

Session SH1 - Chair: Anders Hast (Sweden)  
García,A.L., Ruiz de Miras, J., Feito,F.R.: Algebraic Representation of CSG Solids Built from Free-Form Primitives (Spain) Abstract
Genz,A.: Spacetime Catmull Recursive Subdivision facilitated with Occlusion Culling (Germany) Abstract
Larive,M., Dupuy,Y., Gaildrat,V.: Automatic Generation of Urban Zones (France) Abstract
Mao,Z., Ma,L., Zhao,M.: A Subdivision Scheme Based on Vertex Normals for Triangular Patches (China) Abstract
Martínez,F., Rueda,A.J., Feito,F.R.: Constructing the Layer Representation of Polygons in Parallel (Spain) Abstract
Vergeest,J.S,M., Langerak,R., Song,Y., Bronsvoort,W.F., Nyirenda,P.J.: Towards Reverse Design of Freeform Shapes (Netherlands) Abstract
von Totth,C.: Attributed Collage Grammars: A Rule-Based Modeling Framework (Germany) Abstract
Session SH2 - Chair: Alexej Kolcun (Czech Republic)  
Abaci,T., Ciger,J., Thalmann,D.: Planning with Smart Objects (Switzerland) Abstract
Daehne,P., Seibert,H.: Managing Data Flow in Interactive MR Applications (Germany) Abstract
Dzemyda,G., Bernataviciene,J., Kurasova,O., Marcinkevicius,V.: Minimization of the Mapping Error using Coordinate Descent (Lithuania) Abstract
Espino,F.J., Boo,M., Amor,M., Bruguera,J.D.: Adaptive Tessellation of Bezier Surfaces Based on Displacement Maps (Spain) Abstract
Khanduja,G., Karki,B.B.: Visualization of 3D Scientific Data Based on Interactive Clipping (United States) Abstract
Li,Z., Sitte,R.: Scaling for MEMS Virtual Prototyping: Size and Motion Dynamics Visualizations (Australia) Abstract
Poppe,R., Heylen,D., Nijholt,A., Poel,M.: Towards real-time Body Pose Estimation for Presenters in Meeting Environments (Netherlands) Abstract
Steinicke,F., Ropinski,T., Hinrichs,K.: Multimodal Interaction Metaphors for Manipulation of Distant Objects in Immersive Virtual Environments (Germany) Abstract
Zotti,G., Neumann,A., Purgathofer,W.: Approximating Real-World Luminaires with OpenGL Lights (Austria) Abstract
Session SH3 - Chair: Renate Sitte (Australia)  
Anders Hast: Shading by Quaternion Interpolation (Sweden) Abstract
Annaka,H., Matsuoka,T., Miyazawa,A.: Memory Efficient Adjacent Triangle Connectivity of a Face Using Triangle Strips (Japan) Abstract
Arques,D., Biri, V., Derpierre, O.: A new formulation of differential radiosity and a rendering application (France) Abstract
Bornik,A., Reitinger,B., Beichel,R.: Reconstruction and Representation of Tubular Structures using Simplex Meshes (Austria) Abstract
Darilkova,K.: Modeling of Real 3D Object using Photographs (Slovakia) Abstract
Grasset,J., Plemenos,D.: Visibility-based Simplification of Objects in 3D Scenes (France) Abstract
Gutierrez,D., Seron,F.J., Munoz,A., Anson,O.: Rendering Ghost Ships and Other Phenomena in the Arctic Atmosphere (Spain) Abstract
Lazányi,I., Szirmay-Kalos,L.: Fresnel Term Approximations for Metals (Hungary) Abstract
Longhurst,P., Debattista,K., Chalmers,A.: Snapshot: A Rapid Technique for Driving Global Illumination Rendering (United Kingdom) Abstract
Session SH4 - Chair: Christopher Zach (Austria)  
Forster,C.H.Q., Tozzi,C.L.: Automatic Visual Alignment Using Planar Regional Features and Stereo Vision (Brazil) Abstract
Griethe,H., Fuchs,G., Schumann,H.: A Classification Scheme for Lens Techniques (Germany) Abstract
Haindl,M., Hatka,M.: A Roller - Fast Sampling-Based Texture Synthesis Algorithm (Czech Republic) Abstract
Chen,D., Zhang,G.: A New Sub-Pixel Detector for X-Corners in Camera Calibration Targets (China) Abstract
Islam,M.S., Sluzek,A., Lin,Z.: Towards Invariant Interest Point Detection of an Objects (Singapore) Abstract
Kawata,H., Gouaillard,A., Morita, M., Kohiyama,K., Kanai,T.: Image-Based Point Rendering and Its Application to Color Editing Tool (Japan) Abstract
Kovalcik,V., Sochor,J.: Occlusion Culling with Statistically Optimized Occlusion Queries (Czech Republic) Abstract
Nahmias,J.D., Steed,A. Buxton,B.: Evaluation of Modern Dynamic Programming Algorithms for Real-time Active Stereo Systems (United Kingdom) Abstract
Perko,R., Furnstahl,P., Bauer,J., Klaus,A.: Geometrical Accuracy of Bayer Pattern Images (Austria) Abstract
Pichard,C., Michelin,S., Tubach,O.: Photographic Depth of Field Blur Rendering (France) Abstract
Session SH5 - Chair: Josef Pelikan (Czech Republic)  
Greeff,M.; Haber,J.; Seidel,H.-P.: Nailing and Pinning: Adding Constraints to Inverse Kinematics (Germany) Additional file: [11,5 MB] Abstract
Chan,C.H., Leung,C.H., Hung,Y.S.: Line Correspondences Between Two Images Using Local Affine Moment Invariant (Hong Kong SAR) Abstract
Laksanapanai,B., Withayachumnankul,W., Pintavirooj,C., Tosranon,P.: Acceleration of Genetic Algorithm with Parallel Processing with Application in Medical Image Registration (Thailand) Abstract
Narkbuakaew,W. ,Pintavirooj,C., Withayachumnankul,W., Sangworasil,M., Taertulakarn,S.: 3D Modeling from Multiple Projections: Parallel-Beam to Helical Cone-Beam Trajectory (Thailand) Abstract
Pintavirooj,C., Nantivatana,P., Putjarupong,P., Withayachumnankul,W., Sangworasil,M.: Shape Matching Using Sets of Curve Geometric Invariant Point (Thailand) Abstract
Quirion,S., Branzan-Albu,A., Bergevin,R.: Skeleton-based Temporal Segmentation of Human Activities from Video Sequences (Canada) Abstract
Stommel,M., Kuhnert,K.-D.: Appearance Based Recognition of Complex Objects by Genetic Prototype-Learning (Germany) Abstract
Taskiran,H.D., Gudukbay,U.: Physically-based Simulation of Hair Strips in Real-Time (Turkey) Abstract
Teo,Ch.Ch., Ewe,H.T.: An Efficient One-Dimensional Fractal Analysis for Iris Recognition (Malaysia) Abstract
Wan,T.R., Tang,W: Multi-agent Animation Techniques for Traffic Simulation in Urban Environment (United Kingdom) Abstract



Session - R
Battiato,S., Di Blasi, G., Gallo, G., Messina, G., Nicotra, S.: SVG Rendering of Digital Images (Italy)
Berner,U., Rieger,T.: An Architecture To Adapt Scalable Virtual Characters (Germany)
Birkholz,H.: Texturing of Multi-Resolution Meshes with Basis Meshes (Germany)
Bottino,A., Laurentini,A.: Locating Sensors into a 3D Polyhedral Environment (Italy)
Britos,P., Abásolo,M., García-Martínez,R., Perales, F.: Identification of MPEG-4 Patterns in Human Faces unisng Data-Mining Techniques (Spain)
C.H.Chan, C.H.Leung, Y.S.Hung: A New Hilbert Invariant for a Pattern of Points Under Affine Transformation (Hong Kong SAR)
Cox,J., Chibelushi,C.: A Local Error Bound Approach to Simplifying Complex Geometric Models (United Kingdom)
Di Blasi,G., Petralia,M.: Fast Photomosaic (Italy)
Fribert,M.: Segmentation of Colour Regions from Two-Colour Halftone Prints (Czech Republic)
Gajdusek,M., Hrabec,J., Solc,F.: Real-time Image Processing in Robot Soccer (Czech Republic)
Gold,C., Ledoux,H., Dzieszko,M.: A Data Structure for the Construction and Navigation of 3D Voronoi and Delaunay Cell Complexes (United Kingdom)
Hagen,H., Münchhofen,M., Ruby,M., Scheler,I., Wadle,M., Michel,F.: DaMaViS - Data Management and Visualization System (Germany)
Charneau,S., Aveneau,L., Fuchs,L.: Functional Programming of Geometric Algebras and its Ray-Tracing Application (France)
Session - S
Chaudhry,M.A., Jafri,M.N.: Optimal Design of Filter Banks for Texture Discrimination (Pakistan)
Chevaldonné,M., Neveu,M., Mérienne,F., Dureigne,M., Chevassus,N., Guillaume,F.: Human Machine Interface Concept For Virtual Reality Applications (France)
Chevaldonné,M., Neveu,M., Mérienne,F., Chevassus,N., Guillaume,F.: View and Application Dependent Simplification Of Digital Mock-ups (France)
Kolar,J., Ilsoe,P.: Flexible Tearrain Representation using Runtime Surface Reconstruction (Denmark)
Kolcun,A.: 3D Visibility of 4D Convex Polyhedra (Czech Republic)
Lejdfors,C., Ohlsson,L.: A Scripting Tool for Real-time Effect Programming (Sweden)
Lucena,M.J., Fuertes,J.M., de la Blanca,N.P.: A Comparison between Contour and Histogram-based Observation Models for Tracking (Spain)
Mir,B., Bez,M., Salas,A., Perales,F.: Low Cost Avatars Animation System from Real Images Compliant MPEG4 (Spain)
Moreno,A., Toro,C., Arizkuren,I., Segura,A., Posada,J., Novo,M., Falcón,J., Alcaín,N.: A Flexible and Modular Architecture for Object Space NC-Machining Simulation (Spain)
Morita,S.: Automatically Generating 3-D Image Imagined from Drawing Lines (Japan)
Oyarzun,D., Ortiz,A.: Different Levels of Interaction in a Virtual Environment (Spain)
Pintavirooj,C., Jaruwongrungsee,K., Withayachumnankul,W., Hamamoto,K., Daochai,S.: Ultrasonic Diffraction Tomography: The Experimental Result (Thailand)
Piranda,B., de Sorbier,F., Arques,D.: Simulation of Blur in Stereoscopic Image Synthesis for Virtual Reality (France)
Reiss,M.L.L., Tommaselli,A.M.G., Kokubum,C.N.C.: A Low Cost Structured Light System (Brazil)
Rueda,A.J., Feito,F.R.: Layer-based Decompositions of Polyhedra (Spain)
Session - W
Sadeghi,J., Aavani,A., Sharifi,M.: CyberSession: A New Proposition for E-Learning in Collaborative Virtual Environments (Iran)
Samuelcik,M.: Modeling with Rational Bezier Solids (Slovakia)
Schwald,B.: A Tracking Algorithm for Rigid Point-Based Marker Models (Germany)
Sumengen,S., Balcisoy,S.: Real-Time Simulation of Autonomous Vehicles on Planet-Sized Continuous LOD Terrains (Turkey)
Taponecco,F., Rieger,T.: A Flexible Approach to Non-homogeneous Textures Generation (Germany)
Uray,M., Ruether,M., Bischof,H.: Robust Optical Measurement of Dust Thickness on a Flexible Filter Surface (Austria)
Wijewickrema,S.N.R., Paplinski, A.P.: Principal Component Analysis for the Approximation of an Image as an Ellipse (Australia)
Wijewickrema,S.N.R., Paplinski,A.P.: Generalized Hebbian Learning for Ellipse Fitting (Australia)
Katayama,Y., Okada,M.: A Study on a Cyber World for Language Acquisition and Sensory Information Transfer Control (Japan)
Zhang,Y., Sim,T., Sung,E.: Anatomy-based Human Face Reconstruction Using Multi-layer Deformation (Singapore)
Zheng,L., He,X.: Classification Techniques in Pattern Recognition (Australia)
Zhou,H., Liu,T., Lin,F., Pang,Y., Wu,J.: Segmentation of Complex Shapes by Adaptive Energy Forces (United Kingdom)



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