Shape from Silhouette: Image Pixels for Marching Cubes

Mercier B., Meneveaux D.

In this paper, we propose to use image pixels for geometry reconstruction with a shape from silhouette approach.
We aim at estimating shape and normal for the surface of a single object seen through calibrated images.
From the voxel-based shape obtained with the algorithm proposed by R. Szeliski in [Szeliski93], our main contribution concerns the use of image pixels for refining the triangular mesh produced by marching cubes.
We also provide a mean for estimating a normal inside each voxel with two different methods:
(i) using marching cubes triangles and
(ii) using only voxels.
As seen in the results, our method proves accurate even for real objects acquired with a usual camera and an inexpensive acquisition system.