3D Modeling from Multiple Projections: Parallel-Beam to Helical Cone-Beam Trajectory

Narkbuakaew,W. ,Pintavirooj,C., Withayachumnankul,W., Sangworasil,M., Taertulakarn,S.

Tomographic imaging is a technique for exploration of a cross-section of an inspected object without destruction. Normally, the input data, known as the projections, are gathered by repeatedly radiating coherent waveform through the object in a number of viewpoints, and receiving by an array of corresponding detector in the opposite position. In this research, as a replacement of radiographs, the series of photographs taken around the opaque object under the ambient light is completely served as the projections. The purposed technique can be adopted with various beam geometry including parallel-beam, cone-beam and spiral cone-beam geometry. From the process of tomography, the outcome is the stack of pseudo cross-sectional image. Not the internal of cross section is authentic, but the edge or contour is valid.