Towards Reverse Design of Freeform Shapes

Vergeest,J.S,M., Langerak,R., Song,Y., Bronsvoort,W.F., Nyirenda,P.J.

The need for more intuitive, faster and more effective tools for freeform product design is still an outstanding research issue of shape modeling. Recent paradigms of freeform shape features, template fitting, vague modeling, physics-based modeling, shape morphing and modeling by example have increased the effectiveness of freeform shape design. They form, however, only a partial answer to the demands from designers. We propose a new methodology in which the designer can define optimal shape modification tools for the situation at hand. The key to this method is a dialogue between the designer and the computer, in which the details of the requested shape modifier are settled. This dialogue should require relatively little effort and time from the user, compared to the savings that the tool offers in return. The proposed tool, called user-defined modifier (UDM) is based on recent techniques of freeform shape recognition and parameterized, template-controlled shape modification. The dialogue between user and the system is described and the basic techniques for the UDM tool are presented as well.