WSCG 2006

Conference Programme

The 14-th International Conference in Central Europe on
Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision'2006


  8:00 Room UP 108    
  Opening session    
  8:30 Room UP 108 Chair: Vaclav Skala    
  Keynote - Reinhard Klein: Dealing with Optical Material Properties in Computer Graphics and Vision, Bonn University, Bonn, Germany Abstract  
  10:20 Room UP 108 Chair: Gabriel Taubin    
E05 Dexet,M., Andres,E.: Hierarchical Topological Structure for the Design of a Discrete Modeling Tool (France) Additional file: E05-1.gz (258KB) Abstract F
E53 Kawaharada,H., Sugihara,K.: Dual Subdivision: A New Class Of Subdivision Schemes Using Projective Duality (Japan) Abstract F
B41 La Greca,R., Daniel,M.: A Declarative System to Design Preliminary Surfaces (France) Abstract F
A19 Madi,M.: Using the Influence of Curve Tangent Vectors to Generate Approximately Uniformly Distributed Reference Points (United Arab Emirates) Abstract F
C97 Beccari, C., Casciola, G., Romani, L.: Interpolatory Subdivision Curves with Local Shape Control (Italy) Abstract F
  10:20 Room UP 104 Chair: Pavel Zemcik    
A17 Guthe,M., Balázs,Á., Klein,R.: GPU-based Appearance Preserving Trimmed NURBS Rendering (Germany) Additional file: A17-1.avi (3,6MB) Abstract J
C73 Piranda,B.,Magdelaine,S.,Arques,D.: Real-time rendering of complex surfaces defined by atlas of discoids (France) Abstract F
C23 Ruijters,D., Vilanova,A.: Optimizing GPU Volume Rendering (Netherlands) Additional file: (14,5MB) Abstract J
F03 Beets,K., Van Laerhoven,T.: Introducing Artistic Tools in an Interactive Paint System (Belgium) Additional file: F03-1.gz (3,5MB) Abstract F
  13:00 Room UP 108 Chair: Danny Ruijters    
F73 Raabe,A., Hochgürtel,S., Zachmann,G., Anlauf,J.K.: Hardware-Accelerated Collision Detection using Bounded-Error Fixed-Point Arithmetic (Germany) Abstract J
C29 Roth,M., Riess,P., Reiners,D.: Load Balancing on Cluster Based Multi Projector Display Systems (United States) Abstract F
F53 Roard,N., Jones,M.W.: Agent Based Visualization and Strategies (United Kingdom) Abstract F
G23 Stavrakakis,J., Lau,Z.J., Lowe,N., Takatsuka,M.: Exposing Application Graphics to a Dynamic Heterogeneous Network (Australia) Abstract F
  13:00 Room UP 104 Chair: Michael Guthe    
F13 Banisch,S., Wüthrich,C.A.: Making Grass and Fur Move (Germany) Abstract J
A71 Ilmonen,T., Takala,T., Laitinen,J.: Collision Avoidance and Surface Flow for Particle Systems Using Distance/Normal Grid (Finland) Additional Files: A71-1.avi (2,9MB), A71-2.avi (3,5MB) Abstract F
G79 Papaioannou,G., Gaitatzes,A., Christopoulos,D.: Efficient Occlusion Culling using Solid Occluders (Greece) Abstract F
A41 Stylianou,S., Chrysanthou,Y.: Crowd Self Organization, Streaming and Short Path Smoothing (Cyprus) Abstract J
B47 Wögerbauer,M., Fuhrmann,A.L.: Wheelie - Using a Scroll-Wheel Pen in Complex Virtual Environment Applications (Austria) Abstract J
  15:20 Room UP 108 Chair: Reinhard Klein    
G43 Birkholz,H.: Out of Core continuous LoD-Hierarchies for Large Triangle Meshes (Germany) Abstract F
F19 Castro, S., Castro, L., Boscardín, L., De Giusti, A.: Multiresolution Wavelet Based Model for Large Irregular Volume Data Sets (Argentina) Abstract F
A03 Barrera,T., Hast,A., Bengtsson,E.: Fast Near Phong-Quality Software Shading (Sweden) Abstract F
C11 Schneider,J., Westermann,R.: GPU-Friendly High-Quality Terrain Rendering (Germany) Additional files: (7,6MB), (9,4MB) Abstract J
H17 Stachera,J., Rokita,P.: Hierarchical Texture Compression (Poland) Abstract F
B23 Vichitvejpaisal,P., Kanongchaiyos,P.: Enhanced Billboards for Model Simplification (Thailand) Abstract F
  15:20 Room UP 104 Chair: Josef Kohout    
C83 Battiato, S., Di Blasi, G., Farinella, G.M., Gallo, G.: A Novel Technique for Opus Vermiculatum Mosaic Rendering (Italy) Abstract F
B59 Kovács,L., Szirányi,T.: 2D Multilayer Painterly Rendering With Automatic Focus Extraction (Hungary) Abstract F
A89 Lam,R., Rodrigues,J., du Buf,J.: Looking Through the Eye of the Painter from the Visual Cortex and Brightness Perception to Non-Photorealistic (Portugal) Abstract F
H19 Markovic,D., Gelautz,M.: Comics-Like Motion Depiction from Stereo (Austria) Abstract F
E61 Vanaken,C., Mertens,T., Bekaert,P.: Video-Based Rendering Of Traffic Sequences (Belgium) Additional file: Abstract F
G02 Yaguchi,S., Saito,H.: Improving Quality of Free-Viewpoint Image by Mesh Based 3D Shape Deformation (Japan) Abstract J
  Wednesday, February 1, 2006 - University of West Bohemia - Campus Bory    
  8:30 Room UP 108 Chair: Anders Hast    
C05 Biri,V., Arques,D., Michelin,S.: Real Time Rendering of Atmospheric Lighting and Volumetric Shadows (France) Additional file: (5,2MB) Abstract J
F37 Carrard,T., Juliachs,M.: Bandwidth-Efficient Hardware-Based Volume Rendering for Large Unstructured Meshes (France) Abstract F
C07 Ropinski,T., Steinicke,F., Hinrichs,K.: Visual Exploration of Seismic Volume Datasets (Germany) Abstract J
C43 Walton,S.J., Jones,M.W.: Volume Wires : A Framework for Empirical Nonlinear Deformation of Volumetric Datasets (United Kingdom) Abstract J
  8:30 Room UP 104 Chair: Mohsen Madi    
C79 Ahrenberg,L., Magnor,M.: Light Field Rendering using Matrix Optics (Germany) Abstract F
F17 Wüthrich,C.A., Augusto,J., Banisch,S., Wetzstein,G., Musialski,P.,Hofmann,T.: Real Time Simulation of Elastic Latex Hand Puppets (Germany) Abstract F
A53 Mousa,M., Chaine,R., Akkouche,S.: Frequency-Based Representation of 3D Models using Spherical Harmonics (France) Abstract F
F23 Oore,S., Akiyama,Y.: Learning To Synthesize Arm Motion To Music By Example (Canada) Abstract F
  10:20 Room UP 108 Chair:Joris Veergest    
G31 Tsong-Wuu Lin and Chung-Shen Hung: Quadrant Motif Approach for Image Retrieval (Taiwan) Abstract F
B53 Mashtalir,S., Shcherbinin,K., Yegorova,E.: Internal and External Salient Points under Affine Transformations. Comparative Study. (Ukraine) Abstract F
G73 Ryutarou Ohbuchi, Yushin Hata: Combining Multiresolution Shape Descriptors for 3D Model Retrieval (Japan) Abstract F
A47 Santonja,J., Linares,J., Cuesta,D., Mico,P.: Scanner Morphing Simulation with Image Warping (Spain) Abstract F
C71 Yan,W., Song,M., Bu,J., Chen,Ch.: Image-based Real-time Hatching of Scene Traveling (China) Additional file: C71-1.jpg (388KB) Abstract F
  10:20 Room UP 104 Chair: Bruno Jezek    
E43 Bendels,G.H., Schnabel,R., Klein,R.: Detecting Holes in Point Set Surfaces (Germany) Abstract J
G61 Méndez-Feliu,A., Sbert,M., Szirmay-Kalos,L.: Reusing Frames in Camera Animation (Spain) Additional file: (2,5MB) Abstract J
G89 Szécsi,L.: The Hierarchical Ray Engine (Hungary) Additional files: G89-1.avi (12MB), G89-2.avi (4MB) Abstract F
E73 Tobler,R., Maierhofer,S.: Improved Illumination Estimation for Photon Maps in Architectural Scenes (Austria) Abstract F
  13:00 Room UP 108 Chair: Timo Ropinski    
G41 Ku,D.Ch., Qin,S.-F., Wright,D.K.: Interpretation of Overtracing Freehand Sketching for Geometric Shapes (United Kingdom) Abstract F
F43 Novotny,M., Hauser,H.: Similarity Brushing for Exploring Multidimensional Relations (Slovakia) Abstract J
H02 Ku,D.Ch., Qin,S.F., Wright,D.K.: A Simple Construction Method for Sequentially Tidying up 2D Online Freehand Sketches (United Kingdom) Abstract F
B97 Tse,R., Gold,C.M., Kidner,D.: A New Approach to Urban Modelling Based on LIDAR (United Kingdom) Abstract F
  13:00 Room UP 104 - Short communication papers Chair: Michael Guthe    
G67 Agrawal,A., Radhakrishna,M., Joshi,R.C.: Geometry-based Mapping and Rendering of Vector Data over LOD Phototextured 3D Terrain Models (India) Abstract S
D11 Fonseca,F., Feijo,B., Dreux,M., Clua,E.: A Parallel Approach for Visualization of Relief Textures (Brazil) Abstract S
B03 Bhattarai, D., Karki, B.: Visualization of Atomistic Simulation Data for Spatio-Temporal Information (United States) Abstract S
G97 Ferreira,A., Vala,M., Pereira,J.A.M, Jorge,J.A., Paiva,A.: Calligraphic Interface for Management of an Agents Platform (Portugal) Abstract S
A73 Ilmonen,T., Takala,T., Laitinen,J.: Soft Edges and Burning Things: Enhanced Real-Time Rendering of Particle Systems (Finland) Abstract S
A97 Chambelland,J.-Ch., Daniel,M., Brun,J.-M.: An Iterative Method for Rational Pole Curve Fitting (France) Abstract S
D29 Lobos,C., Hitschfeld-Kahler,N.: 3D NOffset Mixed-Element Mesh Generator Approach (Chile) Abstract S
G53 Loke,R.E., Jansen,F.W., du Buf,H.: A Background-Priority Discrete Boundary Triangulation Method (Italy) Abstract S
G17 Wundrak,S., Henn,T., Stork,A.: Dynamic Progressive Triangle-Quadrilateral Meshes (Germany) Additional files: G17-1.jpg (151KB), G17-2.avi (8,7MB) Abstract S
  14:20 POSTER SESSION B    
  15:20 Room UP 108 Chair: Jerzy Stachera    
C59 Arya,A., DiPaola,S.: Socially Communicative Characters for Interactive Applications (Canada) Abstract F
D05 Benes,B., Dorjgotov,E., Arns,L., Bertoline,G.: Granular Material Interactive Manipulation: Touching Sand with Haptic Feedback (United States) Additional files: (3,4MB), (9,3MB) Abstract F
C37 Hildebrand,K., Magnor,M., Froehlich,B.: 3D Reconstruction and Visualization of Spiral Galaxies (Germany) Additional file: C37-1.avi (2,3MB) Abstract J
B29 Li,L., Zhao-qi,W., Deng-Ming,Z., Shi-Hong,X.: Motion Edit with Collision Avoidance (China) Abstract F
C19 Nozick,V., Michelin,S., Arques,D.: Real-time Plane-sweep with Local Strategy (France) Additional files: C19-1.avi (232KB), C19-2.avi (358KB) Abstract J
B43 Shanbhag,S., Chandran,S.: Grafting Locomotive Motions (India) Abstract F
  15:20 Room UP 104 - Short communication papers Chair: Ewert Bengtsson    
C02 Heurtebise,X., Thon,S., Gesquiere,G.: Multiresolution Representation and Deformation of Wavelet-Based 3D Objects (France) Abstract S
A37 Janney,P., Amur,H., Sridhar,G., Sridhar,V.: MV Number: Effective Key to Represent Images (India) Abstract S
F41 Jaume-Capó,A. ,Varona,J. ,González-Hidalgo,M. ,Mas,R. ,Perales,F.: Automatic Human Body Modeling for Vision-Based Motion Capture (Spain) Abstract S
F47 Le Garrec,J., Andriot,C., Merlhiot,X., Bidaud,P.: Virtual Grasping of Deformable Objects with Exact Contact Friction (France) Abstract S
E47 Manresa-Yee,C., Varona,J., Perales,F.J.: Face-Based Perceptual Interface for Human-Computer Interaction (Spain) Abstract S
E67 Veyret,M., Maisel,E.: Attention-Based Target Tracking for an Augmented Reality Application (France) Abstract S
C03 Bleser,G., Wohlleber,C., Becker, M., Stricker, D.: Fast and Stable Tracking for Augmented Reality fusing Video and Inertial Data (Germany) Abstract S
D61 Zhang,L., Li,L.: 3D Human Animation from 2D Monocular Data Based on Motion Trend Prediction (Australia) Abstract S
  Thursday, February 2, 2006 - University of West Bohemia - Campus Bory    
  8:30 Room UP 108 Chair: Vaclav Skala    
  Keynote - Gabriel Taubin: Real-Time Massive 3D Data Capture and Geometry Processing, Brown University, Providence, USA Abstract  
  10:20 Room UP 108 Chair: Bedrich Benes    
B89 Lanquetin,S., Neveu,M.: Reverse Catmull-Clark Subdivision (France) Abstract F
A79 Maass,S., Döllner,J.: Dynamic Annotation of Interactive Environments using Object-Integrated Billboards (Germany) Abstract F
E37 Rebollo,C., Remolar,I., Chover,M., Ripollés,O.: An Efficient Continuous Level of Detail Model for Foliage (Spain) Abstract F
D41 Sitte,R., Cai,J.: Visualizing Dynamic Etching in MEMS VR-CAD Tool (Australia) Abstract F
D71 Sondershaus,R., Strasser,W.: View-dependent Tetrahedral Meshing and Rendering using Arbitrary Segments (Germany) Abstract J
  10:20 Room UP 104 - Short communication papers Chair: Renate Sitte    
B83 García,R.J., C. Urena,C., J. Revelles,J, Lastra,M., Montes,R.: Density Estimation Optimizations for Global Illumination (Spain) Abstract S
H29 Martinelli,A.: A New Model for 3D Graphical Rendering (Italy) Abstract S
E23 Papageorgiou,S., Aspragathos,N.: Rational Ruled Surfaces Construction by Interpolating Dual Unit Vectors Representing Lines. (Greece) Abstract S
C13 Peng,E., Li,L.: Human Skeleton Modeling from 2D Uncalibrated Monocular Data (Australia) Abstract S
E17 Tobler,R., Maierhofer,S.: A Mesh Data Structure for Rendering and Subdivision (Austria) Abstract S
F83 Villard,P.F., Beuve,M. , Shariat,B.: An Approach to Convert 4D Geometry into a 4D CT Scan (France) Abstract S
A13 Thomaszewski,B., Wacker,M.: Bending Models for Thin Flexible Objects (Germany) Abstract S
G59 Xizhe,Z., Zhengxuan,W., Tianyang,L.: A Generalized Mandelbrot Set Based On Distance Ratio (China) Abstract S
  Afternoon - Plzen city exploration    
  Plzen city offers many historical places and opportunities to visit - we can recommend

or spend additional days visiting (all places are easy to reach by coaches - approx. 60 mins.):

  • Karlovy Vary (Carls Bad) - very famous spa in Czech Republic
  • Praha (Prague) - the Golden City of the Europe




A83 Brugnot,S., Ju,X., Cockshott,W.P., Siebert,J.P.: A Resolution-Independent Image Representation for Digital Cinema (United Kingdom) Abstract
F11 Buades,R., José,M., Perales,L.F., Varona, Gómez,J.: Initialization and Matching for Perceptual User Interface (Spain) Abstract
G71 Domanski,D.: Fast Algorithm for Cloud Rendering using Flat "3D Textures" (Poland) Abstract
D17 Drapikowski,P.: Measurement of Medical Parameters Based on 3D Surface Models (Poland) Abstract
B11 Wang,D., Toh,H.T., Chen,X., Yang,F.: A Simple Anti-aliasing Method for Straight Line Drawing Based on DSP Platform (China) Abstract
E07 Fousse,A., Andres,E.: Parametric Discretization of Supercover Simplex (France) Abstract
F97 Guillot,O., Gourret,J.-P.: sqrt(3) Subdivision and 3 Connected Meshes with Creases, Boundaries and Holes (France) Additional files: F97-1.avi (2,3MB), F97-1.avi (1,8MB) Abstract
E13 Gumbau,J., González,C., Chover,M.: Fast GPU-based Normal Map Generation for Simplified Models (Spain) Abstract
E31 Gumbau,J., Chover,M.: Conceptual Design of a Programmable Geometry Generator (Spain) Abstract
C89 Mizukoshi,D., Hori,Y., Gotoh,T.: The Visualization Technique based on Cone Tree for Large-Scale Knowledge Base with Semantic Relations (Japan) Abstract
G83 Chen,H., Hagiwara,I.: Image Reconstruction Based on Combination of Wavelet Decomposition, Inpainting and Texture Synthesis (Japan) Abstract
D59 Hyoungseok Kim, Hosook Kim: Sectional Discrete Curvature Estimation Based on the Parabola (Korea) Abstract
B17 Larrea,M., Martig,S., Castro,S.: A proposal from Information Visualization and Human Computer Interaction Point of View to the Design of Industrial Interfaces (Argentina) Abstract
H07 Moreno,A., Toro,C., Arizkuren,I., Segura,A., Posada,J., Novo,M., Falcón,J., Álvarez,N.: A Level-based Geometric Representation for the Real-time Simulation of NC Machining Processes (Spain) Abstract
D79 Onder,O., Erdem,C., Erdem,T., Gudukbay,U., Ozguc,B.: Combined Filtering and Key-Frame Reduction of Motion Capture Data with Application to 3DTV (Turkey) Abstract
A61 Pokorny,P.: The Creation of Simple Plants by the Help of Python Script in Blender (Czech Republic) Abstract
A43 Balcisoy,S., Ayiter,E.: Virtual Environments for Learners with Special Needs (Turkey) Abstract
C53 Sokas, A.: Programming graphical objects and information in engineering drawings (Lithuania) Abstract
E03 Thum,M., Demiris,T., Müller,S.: A Multimodal User Interface Component for an Augmented Reality Mobile User Guidance System (Germany) Abstract
G47 Vergeest,J.S.M., Song,Y.: ICP Fitness Analysis for 3D Scan Data Matching (Netherlands) Abstract
B19 Wünstel, M., Röfer, T.: A Probabilistic Approach for Object Recognition in a Real 3-D Office Environment (Germany) Abstract
C17 Yuan,C.: Automatic Control Point Segmentation and Localization for Online Camera Calibration (Germany) Abstract

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