WSCG'2001 Final Programme

University of West Bohemia, Campus BORY, Plyen, Czech Republic

Honorary Chair
Jarek Rossignac, GVU Center, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, MIRALab-CUI, Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland
Vaclav Skala, Univ. of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

Keynote speakers
David R.Nadeu: Volume Visualization: Technology to Tools, SDSC, Univ.of California, USA
Ioannis Kakadiaris:
Using Vision for Animating Virtual Humans, Univ.of Houston, USA

Monday 17:00 - 21:00 Plzen, Hotel CENTRAL  


Tuesday February 6, 2001 Page
Room UP108 9:00 - 9:15        Opening session  
Room UP108 9:20 - 10:20        Keynote speech Chair: V.Skala  
Ioannis Kakadiaris: Using Vision for Animating Virtual Humans, University of Houston, Houston, USA Abstract  


Room UP108 10:40 - 12:00         Chair: D.Nadeau  
Carvalho,E.S., Teixeira,J.C.: An Application Model for Visualization of Natural Resources Management (Portugal) 1
Cossu,R.: Colored Visualisation for Numerical Modelling (Italy) 9
Čapek,M., Wegenkittl,R., König,A., Jaschke,W., Sweeney,R., Bale,R.: Multimodal Medical Volume Registration Based on Spherical Markers (Austria) 17
Frisch,N., Rose,D., Sommer,O., Ertl,T.: Pre-processing of Car Geometry Data for Crash Simulation and Visualization (Germany)
Additional files: DistanceMap.mpeg (4.8 MB), SpotWeldsNAdhesives.mpeg (12MB)

Virtual Reality & VR Interaction

Room UP104 10:40 - 12:00 Chair: P.Vuorimaa  
Elcacho,C., Dingel,T., Klein,R.: Object-Centered Navigation in Virtual Construction Applications (Germany) 33
Li,N., Huang,Z.: Tour Into the Picture Revisited (Singapore) 41
Meister,M., Wüthrich,Ch.A.: On Synchronized Simulation in a Distributed Virtual Environment (Germany) 49
Warken,T., Schrömer,E.: Rolling Rigid Bodies (Germany) 57
LUNCH 12:00 - 13:00  

Pattern Recognition

Room UP108 13:00 - 14:20 Chair: : E.Bengtsson  
Bottino,A., Laurentini,A., Scalabrin,S.: Quantitavely Comparing Virtual and Real Draping of Clothes (Italy) 63
Feitosa,R.Q., Mota,G., Paciornik,S.: An Alternative Approach for Pattern Detection Applied to Materials Characterization (Brazil) 71
Romano,R., Vitulano,D.: A Multichannel Variational Model for Robust Image Segmentation under Noise (Italy) 79
Santos,R.V., Vellasco,M.R., Feitosa,R.Q., Simoes,M., Tanscheit,R.: An Application of Combined Neural Networks to Remotely Sensed Images (Brazil) 87

Surface Meshing & Modelling

Room UP104 13:00 - 14:20 Chair: J.Sochor  
Vanco,M., Brunnett,G.: Consistent Orientation of Segmented Models Recovered from Digitized Data (Germany) 93
Pedrini,H.: An Improved Refinement and Decimation Method for Adaptive Terrain Surface Approximation (Brazil) 103
Ruiz,O.E., Carlos,A., Cadavid,M.: PL-Geodesics on PL-Continuous Partial Meshes (Colombia) 110
Savva,A., Clapworthy,G.J.: The Relationship Between RATS-splines and the Catmull and Clark B-splines (Cyprus, U.K.) 118


Room UP108 14:40 - 16:00 Chair: S.Cunningham  
Hladůvka,J., König,A., Gröller,E.: Exploiting Eigenvalues of the Hessian Matrix for Volume Decimation (Austria) 124
Kobras,D., Weiskopf,D., Ruder,H.: Image Based Rendering and General Relativity (Germany) 130
Sanna,A., Montrucchio,B.,Montuschi,P.: B2LIC: An Algorithm for Mapping Two Scalar Values on Texture-Based Representations of Vector Fields (Italy) 138
Satherley,R.A., Jones,M.W.: Hypertexturing Complex Volume Objects (U.K.)
Additional files: Hairlineclip-video(760KB), Melt1-video(195KB), Melt2-video(197KB)
Room UP104 14:40 - 16:00  


16:45 - Breefing with the Lord Mayor of the City of Plzen - City Hall (for invited only)  

Wednesday February 7, 2001


WWW Technologies & Hypermedia

Room UP108 9:00 - 10:20 Chair: J.Žára  
Alexa,M., Berner,U., Hellenschmidt,M., Rieger,T.: An Animation System for User interface Agents (Germany) 154
Feustel,B., Schmidt,T.C., Marpe,D., Palkow,M., Cycon,H.L.: Compound Media Straming in Time (Germany) 161
Morales,C.R.: Development of an XML Web Based Motion Capture Data Warehousing and Translation System for Collaborative Animation Projects (USA) 168
Vierinen,J., Vuorimaa,P.: A Browser User Interface for Digital Television (Finland) 174

Computer Vision & Image Processing

Room UP104 9:00 - 10:20 Chair: I.A.Kakadiaris  
Economopoulos,A., Martakos,D.: Component-Based Architectures for Computer Vision Systems (Greece) 182
Harrison,P.: A Non-Hierarchical Procedure for Re-Synthesis of Complex Textures (Australia) 190
Kauff,P., Brandenburg,N., Karl,M., Schreer,O.: Fast Hybrid Block- and Pixel- Recursive Disparity Analysis for Real-Time Applications in Immersive Tele-Conference Scenarios (Germany) 198
Labrosse,F., Willis,P.: Towards Continuous Image Representations (U.K.) 206

Computer Aided Geometric Design & Computational Geometry

Room UP108 10:40 - 12:00 Chair: A.Tokuta  
Noser,H., Rudolph,S., Stucki,P.: Physics-Enhanced L-Systems (Switzerland,Germany) 214
Podgorelec,D., Žalik,B.: A Geometric Constraint Solver with Decomposable Constraint Set (Slovenia) 222
Bottino,A., Cavallero,L., Laurentini,A.: Interactive Reconstruction of 3-D Objects from Silhouettes (Italy) 230
Tobola,P., Nechvile,K.: Linear BSP Trees for Sets of Hyperrectangles with Low Directional Density (Czech Republic) 237


Room UP104 10:40 - 12:00 Chair: R.Mollá  
Hanna,J.R.P., Millar,R.J., Johnston,W.M.: Examining the Generality of a Behavioural Animation Framework (U.K.) 245
Nocent,O., Nourrit,J.-M., Remion,Y.: Towards Mechanical Level of Detail for Knitwear Simulation (France) 252
Tiddeman,B., Perrett,D.:Moving Facial Image Transformations Based on Static 2D Prototypes (UK)
Additional files: R186-Fig5.AVI(886KB), R186-Fig4.AVI(367KB), R186-Fig6.AVI(2,3MB), Original pictures (11MB)
Zakaria,M.N.: Interactive Evolutionary Approach to Character Animation (Malaysia) 267

12:00 - 12:05 WSCG'2001 attendees photo - place close to the Conference office

LUNCH 12:10 - 13:00  

Levels of Details (Algorithms etc.)

Room UP108 13:00 - 14:20 Chair: L.Szirmay-Kalos  
Boyer,V., Bourdin,J.J.: DEGRADE : A New Color Shading Tool (France) 275
Frédéric,T.Philippe,M., Christophe,Ch.: Fast Polygonization of Implicit Surfaces (France) Additional file: Blood_flow.mpeg (7,5MB) 283
Germs,R., Jansen,F.W.: Geometric Simplification for Efficient Occlusion Culling in Urban Scenes (The Netherlands) 291
Ribelles,J., López,A., Belmonte,O., Remolar,M., Chover,M.: Variable Resolution Level-of-Detail of Multiresolution Ordered Meshes (Spain) 299

Computer Vision & Image Processing

Room UP104 13:00 - 14:20 Chair: I.Kolingerová  
Silva,R., Gomes,J., Mota,C.: Geometric Processing of Volumetric Objects (Brazil) 307
Triantafyllidis,G.A., Strintzis,M.G.: A Separate Least Squares Algorithm for Efficient Arithmetic Coding in Lossless Image Compression (Greece) 315
Wu,Q., Hintz,T., He,X.: Image Edge Detection in a Mimic Spiral Architecture (Australia) 320
Yang,R., Welch,G.: Automatic and Continuous Projector Display Surface Estimation Using Everyday Imagery (USA)
Additional file: Animation (40MB)
Room UP108 14:40 - 16:00  


Room UP104 14:40 - 16:00  


Room - Conference office room -14:20 - 16:00  


Brewary Museum guided tour - free of charge - register please at the conference office  
Thursday February 8, 2001  

Commercial Presentations

Virtual Reality System, HUMOSOFT Praha - 9:00 - 16:00 Conference Office Room  

Radiosity and Parallel&Distributed Graphics

Room UP108 9:00 - 10:20 Chair: M.Stamminger  
Martinez,R., Szirmay-Kalos,L., Sbert,M., Abbas,A..M.: Parallel Implementation of Stochastic Iteration Algorithms (Spain, Hungary) 344
Rigau,J., Feixas,M., Sbert,M.: Visibility Complexity of Animation in Flatland (Spain)
Addional file: Colour images (61KB)
Zonenschein,R., Gomes,J., Velho,L., Rodriguez,N.: Towards Interactivity on Texturing Implicit Surfaces: A Distributed Approach (Brazil) 360
Kiran,N., Mudur,S.P.,Chandran,S., Dalvi,N.: Anti-aliased Hemicubes for Performance Improvements in Radiosity Solutions (India) 336


Room UP108 10:40 - 12:00 Chair: P.Slavík  
Braun,N.: Interaction Approach for Digital Video Based Storytelling (Germany) 367
Sedgwick,E. and others: Toward the Effective Animation of American Sign Language (USA) 375
Theoharis,Th., Papaioannou,G., Karabassi,E.-A.: The magic of the Z-Buffer: A Survey (Greece) 379
Way,D.-L., Hsu,Ch.-W., Chiu,H.-Y., Shih,Z.-Ch.: Computer-Generated Chinese Painting for Landscapes and Portraits (Taiwan) 387
LUNCH 12:00 - 13:00  

Global Illumination

Room UP104 13:00 - 14:20 Chair: E.Jansen  
Cerezo,E., Seron,F.J.: Synthetic Images of Underwater Scenes: A First Approximation (Spain) 395
Szirmay-Kalos,L., Antal,G., Sbert,M.: Progressive Light Path Building (Hungary, Spain)


Scheel,A., Stamminger,M., Pütz,J., Seidel,H.-P.: Enhancements to Directional Coherence Maps (Germany) 403
Szirmay-Kalos,L., Kovács,L., Abbas,A.M.: Testing Monte-Carlo Global Illumination Methods with Analytically Computable Scenes (Hungary) 419
Room UP108 14:40 - 15:40 Keynote speech Chair: V.Skala  
David R.Nadeu: Volume Visualization: Technology to Tools, SDSC, Univ.of California, USA Abstract  
Room UP108 16:00 - 18:00 IEEE / ACM Computer Science Curriculum 2001
Please, have a look on for current working version of the CC2001
Panel board members:
Cunningham,S.: Computer Graphics in Computing Curriculum 2001 (USA)
Bengtsson,E: (Computer Vision and Computer Graphics- Educational Activities at Uppsala University (Sweden)
Kakadiaris,I.: - Towards a Visual Computing Certificate (USA)
Room UP118 Conference closing session 18:00 - 18:10  
Conference dinner 19:00 - place to be announced  


Room UP104 14:40 - 16:00         Tuesday 5, 2001 Chair: M.Feixas  
Hast,A., Barrera,T., Bengtsson,E.: Improved Shading Performance by Avoiding Vector Normalization (Sweeden) SH 1
Prevost,S., Lucas,L., Bittar,E.: Multiresolution and Shape Optimization of Implicit Skeletal Model (France) SH 8
Thery,S., Bechmann,D., Bertrand,Y.: N-Dimensional Gregory-Bezier for N-Dimensional Cellular Complexes (France) SH 16
Mollá,R., Vivó,R.: Fixed-Point Ellipse Drawing Algorithm (Spain) SH 24
Chin,H., Ramakrishma,R.S.: A New Parallel Volume Rendering Algorithm (Korea) SH 32
Xu,Q., Sun,J., Wei,Z.,Shu,Y., Messelodi,S., Cai,J.: Zero Variance Importance Sampling Driven Potential Tracing Algorithm for Global Illumination (China) SH 38
Room UP108 14:40 - 16:00         Wednesday February 7, 2001 Chair: A.Kolcun  
Simiakakis,G., Theoharis,Th., Day,A.M.: Parallel Ray Tracing with 5D Adaptive Subdivision (Greece, U.K.) SH 44
Dupuy,Y., Paulin,M., Caubet,R.: Occlusion Evaluation in Hierarchical Radiosity (France) SH 52
Turbet,J., Sillion,F.X.: A Graph Based Process for Easy Design of Refinement Oracle in Hierarchical Radiosity (France) SH 60
Belmonte,O., Ribelles,J., Remolar,I., Chover,M.: Searching Triangle Strips Guided by Simplification Criterion (Spain) SH 68
Segura,R.J., Feito,F.R.: Algorithms to Test Ray-Triangle Intersection. Comparative Study (Spain) SH 76
McDonald,J.: On Flexible Body Approximations of Rigid Body Dynamics (USA) SH 82
Room UP104 14:40 - 16:00            Wednesday, February 7, 2001 Chair: J.Hladůvka  
Angelidis,A., Fouquier,G.: Visualization Issues in Virtual Environments: from Computer Graphics Techniques to Intentional Visualization (France) SH 90
Wilson,S., Sayers,S., McNeill,M.D.J.: Using CORBA Middleware to Support the Development of Distributed Virtual Environment Applications (U.K.) SH 98
Gonzato,J.-Ch., Marchand,S.: Photo-Realistic Simulation and Rendering of Halos (France) SH 106
Leroux,H., Exton,Ch.: Visualising the Execution of Concurrent Object-Oriented Programes Dynamically Using UML (Australia) SH 114
Peng,Ch., Vuorimaa,P.: A Digital Teletext Service (Finland) SH 120
Zuo,Z., Chen,B.: The Multimedia CAI Software for Engineering Drawing (China) SH 126
Bonnafous,V., Menou,E., Jessel,J.-P., Caubet,R.: Co-Operative and Concurrent Blending Motion Generators (France) SH 130

POSTERS - Wednesday, February 7, 2001

Room - Conference Office - 14:20 - 16:00  
Biancardi,A., De Lotto,R., Ferrari,E.: Supporting the Search for the Optimal Location of Facilities (Italy) P 1
Erol,F., Güdükbay,U.: An Interactive Facial Animation System (Turkey)
Additional file: Animation (10,5MB)
P 5
Heguy,O., Rodriguez,N., Luga,H., Jessel,J.-P., Duthen,Y.: Virtual Environment for Cooperative Assistance in Teleoperation (France) P 9
Chen,B., Fu,Z.: Student's Activities in the Development of the CAI Software Engineering Drawing (China) P 13
Jiménez,J.J., Segura,R.J., Feito,F.R.: An Optimized Ray-Tracing for Complex Solids (Spain) P 16
Kraus,M., Ertl,T.: Interactive Data Exploration with Customized Glyphs (Germany) P 20
Menci,L., Ceccaroni,F., Salonia,P.: Exploring 3D-Models in a Stereoscopic Way: A Tool for Knowledge, Documentation and Measurement of Coltural Heritage (Italy)
Additional files: Fig.1(666KB) , Fig.2(944KB) , Fig.3(672KB)
P 24
Oliveira,M., Colaco,V., Jorge,J., Fonseca,M.: Modelling Solids and Surfaces with Sketches - an Empirical Evaluation (Portugal) P 28
Ibarra-Pico,F., Garcia-Crespi,F., Cuenca-Asesnsi,S.A.: A DSP Implementation of an AOM and its Application to Defects Detection in Textile Material (Spain)

P 32

Jobard,B., Lefer,W.: Multiresolution Flow Visualization (France)