W S C G ' 2007

The 15th International Conference in Central Europe on
Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision'2007

held at the University of West Bohemia, Campus Bory, Plzen - Bory, Czech Republic

January 29 - February 1, 2007

Honourary Chair
Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann,
MIRALab / C.U.I., University of Geneva, Geneva,

Program Co-chairs
Jarek Rossignac, College of Computing, Georgia Tech, USA
Vaclav Skala, University of West Bohemia, Plzen, Czech Republic

Keynote speakers
Rossignac,J.: Shape Comparison, Simplification, and Compression,
College of Computing, Georgia Tech, USA [
Presentation 13.8 MB]

Alexa,M: Intuitive Editing of Surface Meshes,
Faculty of Electrical Eng. and Computer Science, Technical University of Berlin, Germany [
Presentation 11.6 MB]

Smolic,A.: 3D Video and Free Viewpoint Video – Technologies, Applications and MPEG Standards,
Heinrich-Hertz-Institut, Berlin, Germany [
Presentation 3.2 MB]


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WSCG2007 conference attendees

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Conference program with all papers, posters and additional files
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On-line proceedings

Journal of WSCG, Vol.15, No.1-3,
ISSN 1213-6972, ISBN 978-80-86943-00-8

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ISBN 978-80-86943-98-5
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ISBN 978-80-86943-02-2

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POSTERS Papers proceedings,
ISBN 978-80-86943-99-2



Statistics of submitted and accepted papers

Submissions received 242
Sent for a review [papers in extended abstracts style and very poor removed]


Accepted as JOURNAL or FULL papers: 61
Acceptance ratio: 32,8 %


It is a pleasure to express thanks of Co-Chairs to many "invisible people" who helped a lot during the conference organization period and during the conference itself, especially to:

WSCG'2007 supporting organizations

Center of Computer Graphics & Visualization University of West Bohemia

Journal of WSCG

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Vaclav Skala
c/o University of West Bohemia, Univerzitni 8, Box 314
CZ 306 14 Plzen, Czech Republic
skala--at --kiv.zcu.cz
Managing Editor Prof. Vaclav Skala
Author's Service Department & Distribution UNION Agency
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