W S C G ' 9 8

The Sixth International Conference in Central Europe on
Computer Graphics and Visualization'98

in co-operation with EUROGRAPHICS and IFIP
working group 5.10 on Computer Graphics and Virtual Worlds

was held

February 9 - 13, 1998

University of West Bohemia, Campus Bory, Plzen - Bory, Czech Republic

Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, MIRALab-CUI, University of Geneva, Switzerland, Co-Chair

Vaclav Skala, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, Co-Chair

A part of the WSCG conference was available all over the world via Mbone videoconferencing system.

Please, see conference photos and WSCG'98 Exhibition - program & photos

Received: over 157 submissions of very high quality; the acceptance ratio was approx. 64%

Supporting Organisations

Hewlett Packard s.r.o. , IBM CR s.r.o. , Digital Equipments s.r.o. ,
Intergraph CR s.r.o. , Silicon Graphics s.r.o. , Bentley Systems CR s.r.o. ,
Microsoft s.r.o. , DTP Studio Praha s.r.o.
Kodak Foto-World, Pilsner Urquell

WSCG'98 - Conference Program

REGISTRATION: Monday 9.2. in the SLOVAN hotel 17.00-21.00

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Conference proceedings
(ZIP file)

Tuesday February 10, 1998

 9.00 - 9.10 Opening session UP 108

9.10 - 10.30 UP 108 Fundamental Algorithms Chairman: Tokuta, A. (USA)
  • Aguilera,A., Ayala, D.: Solving Point and Plane Vs. Orthogonal Polyhedra Using the Extreme Vertices Model (EVM) (ES, Mexico)
  • Fang,S.,Srinivasan,R.,Venkataraman,S.: Volumetric CSG - A Model-Based Volume Visualization Approach (USA)
  • Halír,R., Flusser J.: Numerically Stable Direct Least Squares Fitting of Ellipses (CR)
  • Reginald,J.R.,Painkras,E.,Prakash,E.C.: Fundamental Algorithms for Projective Voxelization (USA, India)

    11.00 - 12.20UP 108 Global Illumination Chairman: Sbert,M (Spain)
  • Szirmay-Kalos,L.,Csebfalvi,B.,Purgathofer,W.: Importance Driven Quasi-Random Walk Solution of the Rendering Equation (H, A)
  • Tobler,R., Hynst,S.,Purgathofer,W.: Linearly Combining Shading Models for Texturing in Global Illumination Algorithms (A)
  • Zhukov,S.,Iones,A.,Kronin,G.: Using Light Maps to Create Realistic Lighting in Real-time Applications (Russia)
  • Szirmay-Kalos,L.,Foris,T.,Purgathofer,W.: Quasi-Monte Carlo Global Light Tracing with Infinite Number of Rays (H, A)

    11.00 - 12.20 UP 104 Computer Vision, Pattern Recogn. & Image Processing Chairman: Pelikan,J. (CZ)
  • Gallo,G.,Spinello S.: Pixel Classification in Noisy Digital using Fuzzy Arithmetics (I, Sicily)
  • Hisayoshi,Z.,Tsuyoshi,Y.: Reconstruction of Outer Surfaces by Bi-directional Rays (Japan)
  • Moltedo,L.,Vitulano,D.:An Automatic Classification of Materials Degradation (I)
  • Zlatanova,S.,Paintsil,J.,Tempfli,K.: 3D Object Reconstruction from Aerial Stereoimages (NL)
  • 12.20 - 13.20 LUNCH

     13.20 - 15.40 UP 108 Constraint Motion & Surface Meshing Chairman: Hinkenjann,A. (D)
  • Murta,A., Miller,J., Emley,S.: Managing Complexity and Feature Placement in Planetary Terrain Synthesis (UK)
  • Raffin,R.,Neveu,M.,Derdouri,B.: Constrainted Deformation for Geometric Modeling and Object Reconstruction (F)
  • Yu,Y.-J.,Jung,H-Y.,Cho,H.-G.: A New Rendering Technique for Water Droplet using Metaball in the Gravitation Force (Korea)
  • 14.20 - 14.40 Break

  • Ogan,G.,Metzger,F.J.,Seybold,B.J.,Engeli,M.: Kinematic Chain Substitution for Geometric Constraints Solving (CH)
  • Yuen,M.M.F.,Wang,B.,Wu,Z.,Sun,Q.: A Deformation Model of Thin Flexible Surfaces (China, HonkKong)
  • Jaar,F., Derdouri,B.,Neveu,M.: Constrained Surface Modeling and Deformation (F)

    13.20 - 14.20 UP 104 VR & Interaction, Animation Chairman: Benes,B. (CZ)
  • Buck,M.,Schömer,E.: Interactive Rigid Body Manipulation with Obstacle Contacts (D)
  • Chen,J.X.,Wegman,E.J.,Wang,J.: Animation of Dust Behaviors in a Networked Virtual Environment (USA)
  • Zhukov,S.,Iones,A.,Kronin,G.: Navigation of Intelligent Characters in Complex 3D Synthetic Environments in Real-time Applications (Russia)
  • 16.00 - 17.30 UP 108 Computer Animation Festival - video show

     Wednesday February 11, 1998

    8.00 - 9.40 UP 108 Visualization Chairman: Csebfalvi,B. (H)
  • Andrienko,G.L.,Andrienko,N.V.: IRIS: Intelligent Visualization for Data Exploration Support in GIS (D)
  • Birra,F.P.,Santos,M.P.: A Framework for Data Visualization Based on Particle Systems (P)
  • Carr,J.C.,Gee,A.H.,Prager,R.W.,Dalton,K.J.: Quantitative Visualisation of Surfaces from Volumetric Data (UK)
  • Crescenzi,P.,Bongiovanni,G.,Rago,G.: JAZ: Java Algorithm visualiZer. A Multi-Platform Collaborative Tool for Teaching Graph Algorithms (I)
  • Fung,P.-F.,Heng,P.-A.: Efficient Volume Rendering by IsoRegion Leaping Acceleration (China,HonkKong)

    8.00 - 9.40 UP 104 Man Machine Interaction & Applications Chairman: Sochor,J. (CZ)
  • Chen,J.-M.,Wu, B.-H.: Interactive Design Tools for Minimal Energy Spline Curves (ROC-Taiwan)
  • Lemström,K.,Korte,J.,Kuusi,P.,Kyheröinen,P.,Päiväkumpu,P.: PICSearch - A Platform for Image Content-based Searching Algorithms (Finland)
  • Romera,M.,Pastor,G.,Álvarez,F.,Montoya,F.: Growth in Complex Exponential Dynamics (ES)
  • Starling,M.,Ashdown,N.: Impresionistic Techniques for Rendering Woodlands Scenes (UK)
  • Usami,Y., Unuma,M.: Scaffold Design by a Visualized Genetic Algorithm (Japan)

    10.10 - 11.50 UP 108 Fundamental Algorithms Chairman: Kolingerova,I. (CZ)
  • Jünger,B.,Snoeyink,J.: Selecting Independent Sets for Terrain Simplification (CA)
  • Khouas,L.,Odet,Ch.,Friboulet,D.: 3D Furlike Texture Generation by a 2D Autoregressive Synthesis (F)
  • Lebiedz', J.: Structural Description of Digitized Straight Line Segments (PL)
  • Shirman,L.,Kamen,Y.: A New Look at Mipmap Level Estimation Techniques (USA)
  • Schlechtweg,S., Schönwälder,B., Schumann,L.,Strothotte,T.: Surfaces To Lines: Rendering Rich Line Drawings (D)
  • 12.00 - 14.00 UP 104 Commercial presentations & LUNCH


    14.00 - 15.20 UP 108 Computational Geometry Chairman: Egbert,P. (USA)
  • Duckstein,F.:Extension of Validity Calculation to Moving Objects within a Virtual Reality System using Frame to Frame Coherence (D)
  • Ghali,S.: Computation and Maintenance of Visibility and Shadows in the Plane (CA)
  • Kolingerová,I.: Genetic Approach to the Minimum Weight Triangularization (CR)
  • Tokuta,A.: Extending the VGRAPH Algorithm for Robot Path Planning (USA)
  • 16.00 - 17.40 UP 108 Posters

    Commercial Presentations - part of the WSCG98 Exhibition

    10.00 - 12.00 UP 104 Computer Animation Festival - video show

    12.00 - 14.00 UP 104 Commercial presentations

  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • DEC
  • Intergraph

    14.00 - 16.00 UP 104 Computer Animation Festival - video show

    Thursday February 12, 1998

    9.00 - 10.20 UP 108 WWW Technology & Multimedia Chairman: Slavik,P. (CZ)
  • Klimenko,S.V.,Litvin,V.A.,Smirnova,V.V.: Visualization of the Non-linear Dynamical Systems using WWW (Russia)
  • Lorenz,M.,Schmalfuss,R.:Multimedia Authoring Systems : A Proposal for a Reference Model (D)
  • Martins,J., Correia,N., Guimaraes,N.: Software Tools for Content Based Hypervideo (P)
  • Ulmer,H.,Lindenbeck,Ch.: Geology Meets Virtual Reality: VRML Visualization Server Applications (D)

    9.00 - 10.20 UP 104 CAD/CAM & GIS Systems Chairman: Szirmay-Kalos,L. (H)
  • Filho,W.P.P.,Ribeiro-Neto,B.,Menezes,V.M.,Oliviera,A.A., Padua,G.P.S., Macedo,E.M.: A GIS-based Environment for Telecommunications Engineering (Brazil)
  • Podgorelec,D.,Žalik,B.,Kolmanic,S.: Interactive Modifying the Method Set of a Geometric Constraint (Slovenia)
  • Röttger,S.,Heidrich,W.,Slusallek,P.,Seidel,H.-P.: Real Time Generation of Continuous Levels of Details for Height Fields (D)
  • Yuen,M.M.F.: 2D/3D Isometric Transformation Using Spring/Mass System (China)

    11.00 - 12.40 UP 108 Visualization & Animation Chairman: Wuetrich,Ch. (D)
  • Scheuermann,G.,Hagen,H.,Krueger,H.: Vector Field Topology with Clifford Algebra (D)
  • Sommer,O.,Dietz,A.,Westermann,R.,Ertl,T.: An Interactive Visualization and Navigation Tool for Medical Volume Data (D)
  • Zhu,Y.,Chen,J.X.: Establishing a 3D Human Gait and Knee Model (USA)
  • Steele,K.L.,Egbert,P.K.: A Unified Framework for Collision Detection, Avoidance, and Response (USA)
  • Wcislo,R.,Kitowski,J.,Moscinski,J.: Cellular Automaton as a Fast Tool for Animation of Liquid in Multi-object Scenes (Poland)
  • 12.40 - 13.00 LUNCH

    13.00 - 14.40 UP 108 Parallel and Distributed Processing & CAGD Chairman: Wolter,E.F. (D)
  • Bartz,D.,Grosso,R.,Ertl,T.,Strasser,W.: Parallel Construction and Isosurface Extraction of Recursive Tree Structures (D)
  • Contassot-Vivier,S.,Miguet,S.: Optimization and Parallelization of a Geographical Stereo Vision Code (F)
  • Meyer,K.: A Nearly Output Sensitive Parallel Hidden Surface Removal Algorithm in Object Space (D)
  • Karciauskas,K.,Krasauskas R.: Rational Biangle Surface Patches (Lithuania)
  • Puntambekar,N.Y.,Jablokow,A.G.: Selection of Number of Control Points for Spline Surface Approximation (USA)
  • 15.10 - 16.40 UP 108 Keynote speech

  • Thalmann,N.M.,Kalra,P., Esher,M.: Communicating with Virtual Characters (CH)
  • 20.00 Conference dinner

    Friday February 13, 1998

    9.00 - 10.40 UP 108 Ray Tracing Chairman: Koenig,A. (A)
  • Krajecki,M.,Habbas,Z.,Herrmann,F.,Gardan,Y.: A Performance Tool Prediction for Parallel Ray Tracing (F)
  • Lukaszewski,A., Formella,A.: Fast Penumbra Calculation in Ray Tracing (PL)
  • Sanna,A., Montuschi,P.: An Efficient Algorithm for Ray Casting of CSG Animation Frames (I)
  • Wonka,P., Gervautz,M.: Ray Tracing of Non-linear Fractals (A)
  • Zaninetti,J.,Peroche,B.: A Vector Model for Global Illumination in Ray Tracing (F)

    11.20 - 13.00 UP 108 Visualization Chairman: Iones,A. (RU)
  • FütterlingS.,Klein,R.,Strasser,W.,Weber,H.: Automated Finite Element of Human Mandible with Dental Implants (D)
  • Kopp,M., Purgathofer,W.: Interleaved Dimension Decomposition: A New decomposition Method for Wavelets and its Application to Computer Graphics (A)
  • Kuo,M.H.,Chen,M.C.: Biomedical Data Interpolation for 3D Visual Models (ROC-Taiwan)
  • Lux,M.,Fruehauf,T.: A Visualization System for Operational Meteorological Use (D)
  • Mioc,D., Anton,F.,Gold,Ch.: Visualizing Changes in a Dynamic Voronoi Data Structure via Time Travel (Canada)
  • 13.00 - 13.40 LUNCH

    13.40 - 15.00 Radiosity Chairman: Zara,J. (CZ)
  • Arques,D.,Michelin,S.,Piranda,B.:Extending the Zonal Method to Specular Surfaces (F)
  • Besuievsky,G.,Pueyo,X.: A Motion Blur Method for Animated Radiosity Environments (ES)
  • Hinkenjann,A.,Pietrek,G.: Reconstructing Radiosity by Scattered Data Interpolation (D)
  • Sbert,M.,Martinez,R.,Pueyo,X.: Gathering Multi-path: A New Monte Carlo Algorithm for Radiosity (ES)
  • 15.00 - 15.20 Closing session

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