Short communication papers

University of West Bohemia, Campus BORY, Plzen, Czech Republic

Room UP104 14:40 - 16:00 Tuesday 5, 2001
Hast,A., Barrera,T., Bengtsson,E.: Improved Shading Performance by Avoiding Vector Normalization (Sweeden)
Prevost,S., Lucas,L., Bittar,E.: Multiresolution and Shape Optimization of Implicit Skeletal Model (France)
Thery,S., Bechmann,D., Bertrand,Y.: N-Dimensional Gregory-Bezier for N-Dimensional Cellular Complexes (France)
Mollá,R., Vivó,R.: Fixed-Point Ellipse Drawing Algorithm (Spain)
Chin,H., Ramakrishma,R.S.: A New Parallel Volume Rendering Algorithm (Korea)
Xu,Q., Sun,J., Wei,Z.,Shu,Y., Messelodi,S., Cai,J.: Zero Variance Importance Sampling Driven Potential Tracing Algorithm for Global Illumination (China)
Room UP108 14:40 - 16:00         Wednesday February 7, 2001
Simiakakis,G., Theoharis,Th., Day,A.M.: Parallel Ray Tracing with 5D Adaptive Subdivision (Greece, U.K.)
Dupuy,Y., Paulin,M., Caubet,R.: Occlusion Evaluation in Hierarchical Radiosity (France)
Turbet,J., Sillion,F.X.: A Graph Based Process for Easy Design of Refinement Oracle in Hierarchical Radiosity (France)
Belmonte,O., Ribelles,J., Remolar,I., Chover,M.: Searching Triangle Strips Guided by Simplification Criterion (Spain)
Segura,R.J., Feito,F.R.: Algorithms to Test Ray-Triangle Intersection. Comparative Study (Spain)
McDonald,J.: On Flexible Body Approximations of Rigid Body Dynamics (USA)
Room UP104 14:40 - 16:00            Wednesday February 7, 2001
Angelidis,A., Fouquier,G.: Visualization Issues in Virtual Environments: from Computer Graphics Techniques to Intentional Visualization (France)
Wilson,S., Sayers,S., McNeill,M.D.J.: Using CORBA Middleware to Support the Development of Distributed Virtual Environment Applications (U.K.)
Gonzato,J.-Ch., Marchand,S.: Photo-Realistic Simulation and Rendering of Halos (France)
Leroux,H., Exton,Ch.: Visualising the Execution of Concurrent Object-Oriented Programes Dynamically Using UML (Australia)
Peng,Ch., Vuorimaa,P.: A Digital Teletext Service (Finland)
Zuo,Z., Chen,B.: The Multimedia CAI Software for Engineering Drawing (China)
Bonnafous,V., Menou,E., Jessel,J.-P., Caubet,R.: Co-Operative and Concurrent Blending Motion Generators (France)

Updated: 23.06.2001