W S C G ' 2002

The 10-th International Conference in Central Europe on
Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision'2002


in co-operation with EUROGRAPHICS
held at the University of West Bohemia, Campus Bory, Plzen - Bory, Czech Republic

February 4 - 8, 2002

Full and Short papers are published in the Journal of WSCG, Volume 10, No.1-3, 2002

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Honorary Chair

José Encarnação, Fraunhofer-Institute for Computer Graphics, Darmstadt, Germany

Co - Chairs

Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, MIRALab-CUI, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Vaclav Skala, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic

Keynote speakers

José Encarnação, Fraunhofer-Institute for Computer Graphics, Darmstadt, Germany
Chandrajit Bajaj, University of Texas at Austin, USA

WSCG'2002 programme

WSCG2002 conference attendees

On-line Conference Program

On-line proceedings

Prof. RNDr. Zdenek RYJACEK, DrSc.
delivering his opening speech

Bajaj,Ch.: Active Visualization in a Multidisplay Immersive Environment,
University of Texas at Austin, USA

keynote speaker

Encarnacao,J.L.: Human in the Loop and Ubiquitous Computing: Technologies for the Virtuality,Continuum and Intelligent Environments, Fraunhofer-Institute for Computer Graphics,
Darmstadt, Germany
keynote speaker

From the conference sessions

Meeting with the Mayor of the Plzen City


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Poster session
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Conference background

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All presented papers have been published in the WSCG'2002 proceedings (click for the on-line version of accepted papers)


It is a pleasure to express the thanks of Co-Chairs, to many "invisible people" who helped a lot during the conference organisation period and during the conference itself, especially to:

Statistics of submitted and accepted papers

Submissions received: 185
Accepted FULL papers: 73
Acceptance ratio: 39,5%


WSCG'20002 supporting organisations

University of West Bohemia, Microsoft s.r.o.

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