Short communication papers

University of West Bohemia, Campus BORY, Plzen, Czech Republic



Biancardi,A., De Lotto,R., Ferrari,E.: Supporting the Search for the Optimal Location of Facilities (Italy)
Erol,F., Güdükbay,U.: An Interactive Facial Animation System (Turkey)
Additional file: Animation (10,5MB)
Heguy,O., Rodriguez,N., Luga,H., Jessel,J.-P., Duthen,Y.: Virtual Environment for Cooperative Assistance in Teleoperation (France)
Chen,B., Fu,Z.: Student's Activities in the Development of the CAI Software Engineering Drawing (China)
Jiménez,J.J., Segura,R.J., Feito,F.R.: An Optimized Ray-Tracing for Complex Solids (Spain)
Kraus,M., Ertl,T.: Interactive Data Exploration with Customized Glyphs (Germany)
Menci,L., Ceccaroni,F., Salonia,P.: Exploring 3D-Models in a Stereoscopic Way: A Tool for Knowledge, Documentation and Measurement of Coltural Heritage (Italy)
Additional files: Fig.1(666KB) , Fig.2(944KB) , Fig.3(672KB)
Oliveira,M., Colaco,V., Jorge,J., Fonseca,M.: Modelling Solids and Surfaces with Sketches - an Empirical Evaluation (Portugal)
Ibarra-Pico,F., Garcia-Crespi,F., Cuenca-Asesnsi,S.A.: A DSP Implementation of an AOM and its Application to Defects Detection in Textile Material (Spain)
Jobard,B., Lefer,W.: Multiresolution Flow Visualization (France)

Updated: 23.06.2001