Journal of WSCG Vol.20 No.1.-3.


20th WSCG International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision 2012

in cooperation with Eurographics Association

held in Plzen [Pilsen]
(close to Praha [Prague], the Golden European City of the Europe) at
Primavera Hotel and Congress Centrum

June 25-28, 2012

Enhua Wu, University of Macau & SKLCS/IOS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Vaclav Skala, University of West Bohemia & VSB-Technical University, Czech Republic

Keynote speakers
Eric Lengyel: A Bigger Mathematical Picture for Computer Graphics
Terathon Software LLC, USA [RECORD]
Karol Myszkowski: Overcoming Physical Limitations of Display Devices in Rendering
Max-Planck-Institut for Informatik, Germany [RECORD]
Enhua Wu, Physically Based Weathering Simulation of Natural Objects Based on Biological Analysis
University of Macau & SKLCS/IOS, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China [RECORD]


International Program Committee & Board of Reviewers


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Conference office

Vaclav Skala - Union Agency
Na Mazinach 9

CZ 322 00 Plzen - Radcice
Czech Republic


prof.Vaclav Skala
c/o University of West Bohemia
Faculty of Applied Sciences
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Univerzitni 8, CZ 306 14 Plzen, Czech Republic