F02: Multi Scale Color Coding of Fluid Flow Mixing Indicators along Integration Lines

Khurana,S., Brener,N, Benger,W., Karki,B., Roy,S., Acharya,S., Ritter,M., Iyengar,S.

This paper shows how multi scale color coding helps to study fluid flow over time by facilitating the visualization of flow properties of interest such as mixing. Pathlines can be used to trace the trajectories of fluid particles over time in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations of fluid systems, and applying multi scale color coding on the pathlines brings out quantities of interest in the flow. Derived quantities along the pathlines, like curvature, torsion and specific measure of length generation, which indicate the degree of mixing in the fluid system, can be computed once the pathlines integration is done. In contrast to uniform color coding, this multi scale technique can display small variations in the mixing indicators and still show the entire range of these indicators in CFD simulations of fluid flow.