E29: 3D modelling and analysis: ISO standard tools for air traffic

François,A., Raffin,R., Aryal,J.

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applied to aviation use mostly modelling and analysis in 2D. Nevertheless, a tendency to represent and analyse in three-dimensions begins to emerge. It requires new descriptions and new operative tools for 3D objects in GIS. As an association of users and software producers, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has defined an ISO standard to describe two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric objects. However, this standard does not permit a description of common Computer Aided Design (CAD) objects, a vital task remains for the modelling of 3D data and their uses, in the context of analysis (spatial query) or with the proposals of new primitives. In this research, our goal is to build a computing library fully compatible with ISO standard especially allowing characterising any gaps or parts requiring further development. In this paper, we present a solution validated by a use-case for modelling and analysis of aerial traffic in 3D on an ellipsoid of revolution that follows the ISO standard. In order to demonstrate whether new geometric objects that we propose and analysis operations are effective, in this simple approach, we have established a complete processing chain.