D53: Performances Analysis of Underwater Image Preprocessing Techniques on the Repeatability of SIFT and SURF Descriptors

Mahiddine,A., Seinturier,J., Jean-Marc Boi,J.-M., Drap,P., Merad,D.

ROV 3D project aims at developing innovative tools which link underwater photogrammetry and acoustic measurements from an active underwater sensor. The results will be 3D high resolution surveys of underwater sites. The new means and methods developed aim at reducing the investigation time in situ, and proposing comprehensive and non-intrusive measurement tools for the studied environment.
In this paper, we made an investigation to find at first a pre-processing method of underwater images that do not require a priori knowledge of the scene in order to increase the repeatability of SIFT and SURF descriptors and, in a second time, finding a method to compute distances which will be less costly in terms of execution time for finding corresponding points.