C71: A Morphing Approach for Kidney Dynamic Modeling : from 3D Reconstruction to Motion Simulation

Leonardi,V., Mari,J.L., Vidal,V., Daniel,M.

Motion simulation of an organ can be useful in some cases like organ study, surgery aid or tumor destruction. When using a non-invasive way of tumor destruction through transcutaneous transmition of waves, it is primordial to keep the wave beam focused on the tumor. When the tumor is not in movement, such a task is trivial. But when the tumor is located in a moving organ like the kidney, motion simulation is necessary. We present here an original method to obtain the kidney motion simulation: this is done using a mesh morphing (we consider the kidney has already been segmented and reconstructed for three different phases of the respiratory cycle). Such an approach allows a smooth transition between the different kidney models, resulting in a motion simulation. Thus, the method is purely geometric and does not need any kind of markers or tracking device. It gives directly a full 3D simulation and models are animated in real time. Finally, our approach is automatic and fast, so that it can easily be used in a medical environment.