C61: Use the palmprint for identification and authentication of persons: a new real-time method of data treatment based on graph construction of spatial interest points

Simac-Lejeune,A., Goubert,W.

The identification and authentication of individuals by their palmprints is a recent approach in the family of biometric modalities, very interesting in appearance and non-contact non-intrusive. It was recently studied in topic research over the last decade. The proposed approaches are mostly based on methods of classification and learning. However, the complexity of the calculations leads to an inappropriate application in real time. In our work, we investigated the use of basic primitives pictures more precisely the Space Interest Points (SIO)in a real-time process of identification and authentication of palmprint. This process is based on construction and matching of graph. By setting few constraints and working with matching methods and matching specific, experimental results suggest a robust real-time solution as good as the best methods with an error rate authentication below 1% for a population of 20 individuals.