A41: On global MDL-based Multichannel Image Restoration and Partitioning

Ivanovska,T., Hahn,H.K., Linsen,L.

In this paper, we address the problem of multichannel image partitioning and restoration, which includes simultaneous denoising and segmentation processes. We consider a global approach for multichannel image partitioning using minimum description length (MDL). The studied model includes a piecewise constant image representation with uncorrelated Gaussian noise.
We review existing single- and multichannel approaches and make an extension of the MDL-based grayscale image partitioning method for the multichannel case. We discuss the algorithm's behavior with several minimization procedures and compare the presented method to state-of-the-art approaches such as Graph cuts, greedy region merging, anisotropic diffusion, and active contours in terms of convergence, speed, accuracy, and parallelizability.