Handwritten Fonts Modeling Based on Fat Lines of Variable Width

Klimenko,S., Mestetskiy,L., Semenov,A.

A new geometrical primitive - a line with variable width (fat curve) is considered in article. The fat curve is represented as a trace of a moving circle of variable size along a smooth trajectory named by an axis. Cubic B-splines are used for the mathematical description of such primitives. Both an axis and radius (thickness) of fat curve are described by B-splines. The problem of transformation of hand-written symbols set represented as raster binary images to fat curves is solved. The model of "alive" handwriting script used small deformations of fat curves is presented. The automatic kerning method of the hand-written font symbols is considered. The prototype of font editor for hand-written symbols is presented. All images in article was obtained as a form screenshots of font editor. The offered approach can be implemented as the plug-in for font editors of hand-written symbols.