Automatic Generation and Non-Photorealistic Rendering of 2+1D Minkowski Diagrams

Joachim Diepstraten, Daniel Weiskopf, Thomas Ertl
University of Stuttgart
Tel +49-(0)711-7816332/331
fax +49-(0)711-7816340
D-70565 Stuttgart

e-mail(s): {Joachim.Diepstraten,weiskopf,ertl}

Keywords: non-photorealistic rendering, visualization, Java3D, special relativity


In this paper, a system is proposed which can automatically generate 2+1D Minkowski diagrams. We show how these spacetime diagrams reveal more aspects of special relativity than traditional Minkowski diagrams and can therefore further enhance the understanding of special relativity. The interactive system is based on Java3D and can be used as widely applicable learning and teaching tool. Moreover, we adapt and extend non-photorelastic rendering techniques to improve the perceptibility of the diagrams

Last update: 04.01.2002