Automatic Keyframe Selection for High-Quality
Image-Based Walkthrough Animation
using Viewpoint Entropy

Pere-Pau Vázquez
Mateu Sbert

Institut d'Informàtica i Aplicacions
       Universitat de Girona
       Campus Montilivi, Edifici P1 EPS, E-17071 Girona


The computation of high quality animation sequences is
expensive. Generation time for each frame can take a few hours.
Recently, Image-Based Rendering methods have been proposed to
solve this problem. As these techniques obtain new arbitrary views
from precomputed ones at low cost, walkthroughs may be computed
faster. Consequently, the selection of the precomputed images is a
very important step. The initial set of views should fulfill two
requirements, it must be small but provide as much information as
possible on the scene. In this paper we review several keyframe
selection strategies and then we propose a new method based
on entropy that achieve similar, and in some cases better, results.