Storyworld creation:

Authoring for Interactive Storytelling


Oliver Schneider


Department of Digital Storytelling

Computer Graphics Centre, Rundeturmstraße 6

64283 Darmstadt





Storytelling - humankinds universal choice for content transmission - is becoming of great importance in the field of computer graphics, as the human ability to keep track of information in the information society of the 21st century is dependent on the quality of the information providing systems. Basically, the first steps towards storytelling systems have been taken; everyone today has the possibility to step into enfolding 3D worlds and become immersed in extensive loads of data. However, there is still a great backlog on the human-like organization of the associated data. The reason for this is the absence of the basic authoring systems for interactive storytelling. This position paper presents an approach to new authoring methods for interactive storytelling. It considers the authors view of the tools to be used and introduces a coherent environment that does not restrict the creative process and lets the author feel comfortable, leading him to create well-narrated, interactive non-linear stories.



Keywords: authoring, non-linear story narration, human computer interaction, computer games.